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[DOCS] Add examples how to create fallbacks for meta tags

Added some more examples how to add fallbacks for specific metatags
when they are not rendered by EXT:seo.

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Resolves: #92831
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......@@ -150,6 +150,62 @@ TypoScript examples
This section will provide you examples on how to configure several behaviours in the frontend.
Setting missing OpenGraph tags
Most of the OpenGraph tags are rendered automatically when EXT:seo is installed. If you
want to add other fields as og:title, og:description and og:image, you can use some
TypoScript code like this:
.. code-block:: typoscript
page {
meta {
og:site_name = YOUR_SITE_NAME
og:site_name.attribute = property
og:locale = en_US
og:locale.attribute = property
og:locale:alternate {
attribute = property
value {
1 = de_DE
Setting fallbacks for meta tags
As you can see on :ref:`t3coreapi:metatagapi-configuration` the tags are first
set by PHP and after that the TypoScript config is handled. As EXT:seo is only
adding the meta tags for the SEO and Social Media fields if they are filled in
the page properties, you have some possibilities to add fallbacks.
Because the EXT:seo is handling the tags by PHP, you are able to add those
fallbacks by TypoScript. You can just add those tags by TypoScript and those will
only be rendered when EXT:seo will not render it.
An example to set a fallback description and og:description:
.. code-block:: typoscript
page {
meta {
description = Your fallback description tag
og:description = Your fallback OG:description tag
.. hint::
Having fallbacks for those fields seems to be a good idea, but please consider
if you really want those fallbacks. Those meta tags should tell search engines
or social networks, what the page is about. Social networks also have their own
fallbacks. Setting a fallback for og:description to the description field might
not be needed as the social networks have such a fallback as well. So please consider
if you want to add those tags if they does not bring additional information.
Setting fallbacks for og:image and twitter:image
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