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[FEATURE] Add autocomplete attribute to PasswordViewHelper

The PasswordViewHelper is extended for a new tag
attribute "autocomplete", which can be used to
instruct the users' password manager how to fill
the password field.

Resolves: #94653
Releases: master
Change-Id: I00941f3bb61624d405dcdd8a6af48777c3364d1b

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.. include:: ../../Includes.txt
Feature: #94653 - Autocomplete attribute for PasswordViewHelper
See :issue:`94653`
Since password managers are frequently used by end users nowadays,
a password field can define the :html:`autocomplete` attribute,
which informs the users' password manager how to fill the corresponding
field. For example, creating a new password or filling in the current password.
See `MDN Allowing autocomplete`_ for a full list of possible attribute values.
To ease the use for integrators and developers, the attribute can now
directly be added as tag attribute to the :php:`PasswordViewHelper`.
.. code-block:: html
<f:form.password name="newPassword" value="" autocomplete="new-password" />
<!-- Output -->
<input type="password" name="myNewPassword" value="" autocomplete="new-password" />
It's now possible to specify the `autocomplete` attribute for the password
field through the :php:`PasswordViewHelper`.
.. _MDN Allowing autocomplete:
.. index:: Fluid, ext:fluid
......@@ -15,13 +15,13 @@
<f:translate key="newpassword_label1"/>
<f:form.password name="newPass" additionalAttributes="{autocomplete: 'new-password'}"/>
<f:form.password name="newPass" autocomplete="new-password"/>
<f:translate key="newpassword_label2"/>
<f:form.password name="newPassRepeat" additionalAttributes="{autocomplete: 'new-password'}"/>
<f:form.password name="newPassRepeat" autocomplete="new-password"/>
<f:form.hidden name="hash" value="{hash}"/>
......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ class PasswordViewHelper extends AbstractFormFieldViewHelper
$this->registerTagAttribute('placeholder', 'string', 'The placeholder of the textfield');
$this->registerTagAttribute('readonly', 'string', 'The readonly attribute of the input field');
$this->registerTagAttribute('autocomplete', 'string', 'Specify the autocomplete behaviour for password managers');
$this->registerTagAttribute('size', 'int', 'The size of the input field');
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ class PasswordViewHelperTest extends FunctionalTestCase
* @test
public function renderCorrectlySetsTagName()
public function renderCorrectlySetsTagName(): void
$view = new StandaloneView();
$view->setTemplateSource('<f:form.password />');
......@@ -35,10 +35,20 @@ class PasswordViewHelperTest extends FunctionalTestCase
* @test
public function renderCorrectlySetsTypeNameAndValueAttributes()
public function renderCorrectlySetsTypeNameAndValueAttributes(): void
$view = new StandaloneView();
$view->setTemplateSource('<f:form.password name="NameOfTextbox" value="Current value" />');
self::assertSame('<input type="password" name="NameOfTextbox" value="Current value" />', $view->render());
* @test
public function renderCorrectlySetsAutocompleteTagAttribute(): void
$view = new StandaloneView();
$view->setTemplateSource('<f:form.password name="myNewPassword" value="" autocomplete="new-password" />');
self::assertSame('<input autocomplete="new-password" type="password" name="myNewPassword" value="" />', $view->render());
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