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[CLEANUP] Review comment and sig of getSubpagesForPages()

Releases: master
Resolves: #81280
Change-Id: I7239895099f56b591daf6433ef4daad0dc1c4048

Tested-by: default avatarTYPO3com <>
Reviewed-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
Tested-by: Benni Mack's avatarBenni Mack <>
Reviewed-by: Jigal van Hemert's avatarJigal van Hemert <>
Tested-by: Jigal van Hemert's avatarJigal van Hemert <>
parent b54cbfca
......@@ -676,26 +676,48 @@ class PageRepository implements LoggerAwareInterface
* Internal method used by getMenu() and getMenuForPages()
* Returns an array with page rows for subpages with pid is in $pageIds or uid is in $pageIds, depending on $parentPages
* This is used for menus. If there are mount points in overlay mode
* the _MP_PARAM field is set to the correct MPvar.
* Loads page records either by PIDs or by UIDs.
* If the $pageIds being input does in itself require MPvars to define a correct
* rootline these must be handled externally to this function.
* By default the subpages of the given page IDs are loaded (as the method name suggests). If $parentPages is set
* to FALSE, the page records for the given page IDs are loaded directly.
* @param int[] $pageIds The page id (or array of page ids) for which to fetch subpages (PID)
* @param string $fields List of fields to select. Default is "*" = all
* @param string $sortField The field to sort by. Default is "sorting
* @param string $additionalWhereClause Optional additional where clauses. Like "AND title like '%blabla%'" for instance.
* @param bool $checkShortcuts Check if shortcuts exist, checks by default
* @param bool $parentPages Whether the uid list is meant as list of parent pages or the page itself TRUE means id list is checked against pid field
* @return array Array with key/value pairs; keys are page-uid numbers. values are the corresponding page records (with overlaid localized fields, if any)
* @see \TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\Controller\TypoScriptFrontendController::getPageShortcut(), \TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\ContentObject\Menu\AbstractMenuContentObject::makeMenu()
* Concerning the rationale, please see these two other methods:
* @see PageRepository::getMenu()
* @see PageRepository::getMenuForPages()
* Version and language overlay are applied to the loaded records.
* If a record is a mount point in overlay mode, the the overlaying page record is returned in place of the
* record. The record is enriched by the field _MP_PARAM containing the mount point mapping for the mount
* point.
* The query can be customized by setting fields, sorting and additional WHERE clauses. If additional WHERE
* clauses are given, the clause must start with an operator, i.e: "AND title like '%blabla%'".
* The keys of the returned page records are the page UIDs.
* CAUTION: In case of an overlaid mount point, it is the original UID.
* @param int[] $pageIds PIDs or UIDs to load records for
* @param string $fields fields to select
* @param string $sortField the field to sort by
* @param string $additionalWhereClause optional additional WHERE clause
* @param bool $checkShortcuts whether to check if shortcuts exist
* @param bool $parentPages Switch to load pages (false) or child pages (true).
* @return array page records
* @see \TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\Controller\TypoScriptFrontendController::getPageShortcut()
* @see \TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\ContentObject\Menu\AbstractMenuContentObject::makeMenu()
protected function getSubpagesForPages(array $pageIds, $fields = '*', $sortField = 'sorting', $additionalWhereClause = '', $checkShortcuts = true, $parentPages = true)
$pages = [];
protected function getSubpagesForPages(
array $pageIds,
string $fields = '*',
string $sortField = 'sorting',
string $additionalWhereClause = '',
bool $checkShortcuts = true,
bool $parentPages = true
): array {
$relationField = $parentPages ? 'pid' : 'uid';
$queryBuilder = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(ConnectionPool::class)->getQueryBuilderForTable('pages');
......@@ -724,6 +746,7 @@ class PageRepository implements LoggerAwareInterface
$result = $res->execute();
$pages = [];
while ($page = $result->fetch()) {
$originalUid = $page['uid'];
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