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    [BUGFIX] Add allowLanguageSynchronization chain resolving · e7217da4
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    Currently the localization behavior does not consider localization
    chains concerning field values to be synchronized over multiple
    localization hops that use the relative l10n_state "source".
    Imagine the following scenario of content elements:
    * { uid:10, sys_language_uid:0, l18n_parent:0, l10n_source:0,
        header:Value, l10n_state:null }
    * { uid:11, sys_language_uid:1, l18n_parent:10, l10n_source:10,
        header:Value, l10n_state:{header:parent} }
    * { uid:12, sys_language_uid:2, l18n_parent:10, l10n_source:11,
        header:Value, l10n_state:{header:source} }
    Now if the record of the default language (uid:10) will be updated and
    the header value set to "Modified", only direct dependents would be
    synchronized. The automated update of the direct-child localization
    record (uid:11) does not trigger another update for the grand-child
    localization (uid:12).
    To achieve this, the data-map processor has been extended to collect
    new modifications to the data-map caused by synchronization processes
    - as long as modifications could be determined, another synchronization
    round is triggered for the modified items.
    This way the localization chain is completely synchronized if required,
    depending on the according l10n_state settings.
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