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    [TASK] Cleanup entry classes in typo3/ part2 · d9e0a02f
    Wouter Wolters authored
    Cleanup the entry classes inside typo3/ with the following
    * Move language include to constructor
    * Remove not needed doc-comments
    * Make class available in $GLOBALS['SOBE']
    Change-Id: Ie5bcf1f6f09a070a946a021d41d4809567ff6229
    Resolves: #49454
    Releases: 6.2
    Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3.org/21669
    Reviewed-by: Alexander Opitz
    Reviewed-by: Markus Klein
    Reviewed-by: Christian Kuhn
    Tested-by: Christian Kuhn
    Reviewed-by: Stefan Neufeind
    Tested-by: Stefan Neufeind