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    [FEATURE] Allow TCA description property · d421f7dc
    Christian Kuhn authored and Andreas Wolf's avatar Andreas Wolf committed
    When the site configuration module has been introduced, it came
    with a custom functionality to show an additional help text
    when editing site records between the field label and the field input.
    This useful feature is now changed into a general TCA feature
    available everywhere: A new field information node expansion / "wizard"
    is added to all form elements, the inline and flex containers: If
    the property "description" is set for a TCA column type (same array
    level as "label", it will show the value as localized string between
    the field label and the input section.
    There are three available render types for "wizard a-like" output:
    * Field information - text between label+field
    * Field control - buttons next to input sections like the link popup button
    * Field wizards - clickable stuff below the input section, for example
      the localization state selector
    If a field has been set to readOnly=true in TCA, field control and field
    wizards do not make sense to render since they are meant to act with the
    field value.
    The field information node however has only informational character
    which is useful for readOnly fields, too. Thus, this node expansion
    type is now the only one that is always rendered, even if a field has
    been set to readOnly.
    Note this patch is fully covered by ext:styleguide (master) to have
    examples for all changed elements now using the description property.
    Resolves: #85410
    Releases: master
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