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    [!!!][TASK] The FormEngine is dead, long live the FormEngine! · b524fc86
    Christian Kuhn authored
    tl;dr: This patch makes FormEngine insanely flexible, extensions
    however should not rely on structures for now, since class names
    and array content will change.
    The patch applies a separation of concerns to the FormEngine
    class structure by extracting the data processing from rendering.
    As a main goal the render part consisting of container and element
    classes routed through the flexible NodeFactory only works on data
    created by the new FormDataCompiler class construct. This makes the
    FormEngine much more flexible and opens ways to not only use the render
    part in the context of database driven data, but on anything that is
    fed to it.
    This patch creates the main structure for this. The FormDataCompiler
    class returns a defined array container and elements can work on it.
    Data is added by single FormDataProvider, which are combined in
    FormDataGroups. FormDataProvider may depend on each other and a
    FormDataGroup "knows" its providers and calls them in a dedicated order.
    For instance, the "FullDatabaseRecord" FormDataGroup first calls a
    provider that fetches the record defined by uid and table name and
    a later called provider determines the given record type this record
    is assigned to, so another provider can then work on TCA to determine
    the list of record fields to be shown. The FormDataProvider used
    for the main FormDataGroup are defined in TYPO3_CONF_VARS, so
    extensions can add and remove their own providers to add or change
    certain data if needed. This is highly flexible and extensions are
    able to hook in at a specific position within the provider chain for
    the main data groups.
    This construct obsoletes the DataPreprocessor as well as several
    other side classes.
    With this patch the main architecture is created and lots of data
    preparation is transfered already, supported by a high unit test
    The FormEngine class itself is removed: The inline ajax entry point
    is moved to an own controller class, the getMainFields() and friends
    methods are substituted with FormDataCompiler / NodeFactory combinations
    and the data gathering is for now parked in a FormResultCompiler class.
    However, this process is not yet finished and lots of @todo
    statements are added to the code base to document open ends and to
    further separate the data handling from the render engine. Especially
    the IRRE data handling is currently still located within the render
    engine and makes the whole thing much more complicated than it should
    be. Lots of detail patches need to follow to bring this code
    to a level where it belongs to be.
    Warning: While this patch is already insanely huge touching more than
    22 thousands lines of code, lots of loose ends need to be tackled and
    the API is not final yet. The arrays will be reduced and sharpened
    during the next weeks, class names may change and structures will
    Change-Id: Ief1769f478373cc26d1bf6c49114258f0dae8355
    Resolves: #69568
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