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    [!!!][FEATURE] FormEngine element level refactoring · 84be5e61
    Christian Kuhn authored
    The patch introduces a new API on FormEngine element level
    that substitutes the old "wizards" / renderWizard() API
    with a more powerful system.
    Single wizards are now split into one of three categories:
    * An informational wizard
    * A control button / icon
    * A true wizard with additonal functionality
    Method renderWizards() is still called in elements for compatibility
    reasons if people added own scrip/popup/userFunc wizards, but all
    core wizards are migrated.
    The patch significantly cleans the HTML of single elements, especially
    HTML stuff that was added by the SingleFieldContainer is now put down
    to single elements, while main HTML wraps formerly done by renderWizards()
    is fetched "up" to single elements. This gives single elements full
    control about the main HTML it is producing, which is a must have
    preparation in order to further advance in this area and to switch
    single elements to fluid rendering in one of the next steps.
    The patch brings a pretty huge list of TCA changes and
    simplifications, all TCA changes are supported by TCA migration,
    so existing extensions should benefit out of the box and just
    get deprecations logged.
    Change-Id: I45083e14e45bbf40c06267b51c9d0b7c15e2f7ab
    Resolves: #79440
    Resolves: #70032
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