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    [TASK] Drop unneeded renderElement from lit-helper · 8cbd504f
    Benjamin Franzke authored and Christian Kuhn's avatar Christian Kuhn committed
    renderElement() was added in patchset 2 of #93446.
    The code was then refactored to use renderHTML, but the method was
    forgotten to be removed in the final patchset.
    Now, the intention of the mentioned patchset 2 was to render nodes
    directly to the DOM in PageTreeDragHandler, instead of rendering to
    a temporary element, just to export and re-import as HTML string
    with jQuery/innerHTML.
    Therefore PageTreeDragHandler is now refactored to a new,
    (internal) method renderNodes() which allows the returned
    nodes to be directly attached to the document.
    Also, while at it, all other lit-helper methods are marked as
    internal as well, as they are still subject to change:
     * `renderHTML()` is only needed when mixing traditional jQuery
       rendering and lit-html (same as for the new `renderNodes()`.)
     * The `icon()` method could likely be replaced by a custom
       <typo3-backend-icon> component
     * `lll()` is only of use for globally available language identifiers
       (which are added via inline JS)  So this is also likely to change
       when more backend modules start to use lit-html/LitElement.
    Resolves: #93464
    Related: #93446
    Releases: master
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