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    [FEATURE] showPossibleLocalizationRecords for tt_content image, assets, media · 5b3162c5
    Christian Kuhn authored
    A tt_content default language record with images, assets or media
    is localized ("translate" / "connected" mode, not "copy") to
    another language. Attached images, assets and media will be
    localized, too.
    If later the default language record is changed to add another
    image, asset or media, the localized record now shows the
    additional default language record relation as shadowed box
    and allows localizing this additional record with a single click.
    This is done by setting for those TCA inline relations:
    * showPossibleLocalizationRecords works on l10n_parent and does NOT
      honor l10n_source (yet?): In a 'localization chain' (default is
      localized to dutch, dutch is localized to german), an additional
      image, asset or media on the dutch record *is not* shown in the
      german record, but an additional record in default language *is*
      shown in the german record.
    * showAllLocalizationLink: This is an optional additional button to
      localize all missing relations with one click, not only single
      ones. This is *not* enabled with the patch: The additional button
      bloats the already pretty complex interface even more, and editors
      often only need to deal with one or at least only a small list of
      additional relations. Instances where editors often deal with lots
      of such inline relations can easily enable that button on their own.
    * showSynchronizationLink: The behavior of that button is in practice
      very similar to showAllLocalizationLink and *not* enabled for similar
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    Resolves: #94623
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