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    [BUGFIX] Ensure "pid" and "parentid" of pages - inline fields are correct · 4770e0b7
    benni authored and Susanne Moog's avatar Susanne Moog committed
    When doing translations with pages and inline elements (e.g. pages.media),
    there is an inconsistency when an additional inline element is added to the
    TRANSLATED page (e.g. language=1).
    Current (wrong) when adding a translation to a page
    - localized IRRE children get pid = default page ID (correct)
    - localized IRRE children only localization get parentid = default page ID (should be translated page ID)
    Current (wrong) behaviour when adding a IRRE child only available in a translation:
    - parentid gets localized page => correct
    - pid gets set to localized page => must be default language
    The patch corrects this behaviour by always set
    - the relation (parentid) to the localized page ID
    - the page ID (pid) to the default language page ID
    Additionally, when adding an Inline element (IRRE) via AJAX
    on page properties, the PID gets resolved correctly to be sent
    to DataHandler.
    Resolves: #82983
    Releases: master
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