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    [!!!][TASK] Improve flex and TCA handling in FormEngine · 38a1bc5d
    lolli authored and maddy2101's avatar maddy2101 committed
    The patch adapts a series of nasty form engine areas to more solid
    code. The evaluate condition code is rewritten and works much better
    in flex form scenarios. The suggest wizard and svg tree are much
    more solid in flex forms. The group element is rewritten
    towards a better readable and easier to refactor code, dropping
    method dbFileIcons(). A bunch of issues is resolved along the way.
    * TCA "default" now works in flex form section container elements
    * The "displayCond" parser is now strict and throws exceptions on
      invalid syntax and wrong referenced fields to help debugging
      faulty display conditions
    * TCA displayCond on flex fields can now be prefixed with the
      sheet name and can reference field values from neighbor sheets
    * TCA displayCond now works with flex section containers
    * TCA flex section container now throw an exception if select or
      group fields configure a MM relation - this is not supported
    * TCA ctrl requestUpdate field is dropped, onChange=reload is now allowed
      not only on flex form fields, but also on normal columns fields
    * TCA tree now works as section container element and initializes
      correctly on new records and new containers
    * GroupElement rewrite to drop dbFileIcons()
    * config option maxitems now optional for type=group and type=select
      and defaults to "many items allowed"
    * inline now works in "fancy" flex situations with "new" records
      by handing the final dataStructureIdentifier around
    * FormEngine no longer loads extJS
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