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    [FEATURE] Allow overriding fileFolder config with TSconfig · 2f0c2656
    Oliver Bartsch authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
    The "fileFolder" configuration options, available for TCA
    columns of type "select" are used to fill the select field
    with predefined files (images / icons). Nowadays this is
    frequently used to make a corporate icon set available for
    editors. In multi site installations however, those icon sets
    usually differ from site to site.
    Therefore, the AbstractItemProvider is now extended to allow
    overriding those settings with TSconfig (TCEFORM).
    Furthermore, to streamline the TCA configuration and to be
    in line with the corresponding overrides, the "fileFolder"
    TCA configuration options are moved into a dedicated sub array
    "fileFolderConfiguration" and the properties are renamed
    to be consistent with other TCA options.
    * fileFolder => folder
    * fileFolder_extList => allowedExtensions
    * fileFolder_recursions => depth
    A TCA migration is in place.
    Resolves: #94406
    Releases: master
    Change-Id: I621198523edfd328ad68d692d9194017c445406f
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