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    [FEATURE] Simplify sharing of backend urls · 24f43811
    Oliver Bartsch authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
    Atfer a lot of preperation in #93048 and #93988,
    it's finally possible to share URLs to TYPO3 backend
    modules. Even special modules such as FormEngine.
    To ease the use for editors, the ShortcutButton
    is extended for a new option. If enabled, which
    is the default behaviour, the shortcut button
    in the module header is replaced. The new button
    allows to open a dropdown with the additional
    possibility to copy the URL of the current
    page to the operating systems' clipboard. Next
    to the already exisiting "Add shortcut" option.
    Since those URLs should not contain the user
    specific token, the UriBuilder features a new
    constant "SHAREABLE_URL". If set as $referenceType
    in one of the supporting methods, e.g. buildUriFromRoute(),
    an absoulte URL without the token is returned.
    To copy the URL to the operating systems' clipboard,
    a new web component "CopyToClipboard" is introduced.
    This component is added without any dependency to
    the URL sharing functionality and can therefore be
    freely used for other backend components as well.
    For the new button, the font awesome "share-alt"
    icon is registered in the IconRegistry.
    Resolves: #93921
    Releases: master
    Change-Id: Id1dcfe1f2af764fbe000659ddb49a7369322d5b6
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