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    [TASK] CKEditor RTE: Re-add the wordcount functionality · 177fc827
    Josef Glatz authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
    This patch re-adds a missing functionality to CKEditor.
    Due to the move from htmlArea to CKEditor, the well-known
    wordcount information was gone.
    The wordcount information is added to all existing CKEditor presets
    per default. In addition, it is now possible to customize the displayed
    information below the editor.
    - It's possible to switch paragraph-, word- and/or character count.
    - You can define if spaces are counted as charactars.
    - You can define if HTML tags are taken into account.
    - You can define if linebreaks are taken into account.
    Beside that, the used plugin enables also setting up maximum
    values for word- and/or character count. This can be easily used
    for custom RTE presets. The fact that the global configuration is
    located in the Base.yaml makes it possible to overwrite settings
    partially or completely in any inherited RTE preset. With that it is
    easy possible to realize word/character limits.
    Following commands were used to add the external package as
    a dependency and copy the plugin files/folders to the final location:
    `yarn add --dev ckeditor-wordcount-plugin && yarn build`
    Resolves: #86395
    Releases: master
    Change-Id: I2c76d7bfebc9a5a57c1f105788af206bdffb00f2
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