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    [FEATURE] Improve show columns selection functionality · 16c5cae9
    Oliver Bartsch authored and Benni Mack's avatar Benni Mack committed
    In #94218, the show columns selection was already improved
    by relocating it to each tables' header, making it always
    available (not only in single-table view).
    Since the used dropdown leads to confusion and visibility
    drawbacks for records, having long labels, the selector
    now lives in a modal. Besides the columns to select,
    the new modal contains some selector options, such as
    "select all" or "toggle selection". Those options are
    fixed at the top, making them always visible, even for
    records with a lot of columns.
    Furthermore the checkboxes now use a more suitable
    "check" icon, the columns are sorted lexically and
    also management fields (e.g. `sorting`) are now
    displayed with a human-readable label. This label
    is now also used in the table header.
    Besides the UX, this patch also brings some technical
    improvements. The whole column selection logic is moved
    into a dedicated controller, which may allows reuse in
    the future (e.g. for the filelist module). Also the
    JavaScript part is extracted from the Recordlist JS-module
    into a dedicated web component.
    Finally some cleanup of the existing code is done, making
    it more readable and more efficient.
    Resolves: #94474
    Releases: master
    Change-Id: I0f2f8711ee4b40c9e29e633b9fe790dcacae8bb5
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