2008-06-07 franzholz* fix bug 7930: return the resulting selected array...
2008-05-02 franzholzfetched ext_emconf.php from TER for version 2.0.8
2008-05-02 franzholzadapt the file header to the new line numbers
2008-04-26 franzholzmove static_taxes into the extension static_info_tables...
2008-03-20 franzholzVersion 2.0.7 from TER
2008-03-16 franzholzfix bug 6059: Country code of Canada is 124 and not 142
2008-03-16 franzholzfix bug 6059: Static_country_zones Canada wrong ISO-Nr
2008-01-19 franzholzready for upload of 2.0.6 into TER
2007-12-16 franzholzchange hook operand to use less memory in PHP4
2007-12-16 franzholzundoing change committed in r7563 and applying change...
2007-12-16 franzholzremove dependancy from div extension
2007-08-03 dbruehlmeierUpdated static_markets
2007-07-17 franzholznew function fetchCountries to get a list of countries...
2007-06-19 dbruehlmeierUpdated static_markets
2007-06-16 franzholzsupport for custom where clauses with static_info_table...
2007-05-22 dbruehlmeierUpdated static_markets
2007-05-16 dbruehlmeierAdded static_markets to $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXTCONF'...
2007-04-24 franzholzadapt manual for market places
2007-04-16 dbruehlmeierChanged email address of David Bruehlmeier
2007-04-14 franzholzsmall modifications using constants
2007-04-03 dbruehlmeierFixed small bug in selectItemsTCA()
2007-04-03 dbruehlmeierAdded new table 'static_markets' (regulated by ISO...
2007-04-03 franzholzversion 2.0.2 from TER
2007-01-13 franzholzfix bug with wrong SQL query with "SELECT static_countr...
2006-12-19 franzholzversion 2.0.1
2006-11-23 franzholzfix bug with wrong SQL with static_country_zones
2006-10-31 franzholzsome modifications for the addWhere parameter
2006-10-11 franzholzuse id variable
2006-10-11 franzholzWHERE clauses to functions and call to load additional TCA
2006-09-09 stuckiInitial import based on static_info_tables 2.0.0