Resolves #45809: Refactor code and introduce namespacing
[TYPO3CMS/Extensions/static_info_tables.git] / pi1 / class.tx_staticinfotables_pi1.php
2013-02-25 stanResolves #45809: Refactor code and introduce namespacing
2013-02-20 stanResolves #45688: Always keep tables utf-8-encoded
2013-02-20 stanResolves #45684: Add autoloading
2010-04-29 franzholz* new feature: countriesAllowed gives the ordered ISO...
2010-01-31 franzholzadd Italian provinces
2010-01-20 franzholz* fix bug in getTitleFromIsoCode: SQL error due to...
2009-06-20 franzholz* Fix bug 2397: loadTcaAdditions
2008-11-03 franzholzbugfixes for SQL
2008-07-15 franzholzAdd the form tags to the UPDATE! function in EM for...
2008-06-14 franzholzupdate header
2008-06-07 franzholz* fix bug 7930: return the resulting selected array...
2008-05-02 franzholzadapt the file header to the new line numbers
2008-04-26 franzholzmove static_taxes into the extension static_info_tables...
2008-03-16 franzholzfix bug 6059: Static_country_zones Canada wrong ISO-Nr
2008-01-19 franzholzready for upload of 2.0.6 into TER
2007-12-16 franzholzremove dependancy from div extension
2007-06-16 franzholzsupport for custom where clauses with static_info_table...
2007-04-03 franzholzversion 2.0.2 from TER
2007-01-13 franzholzfix bug with wrong SQL query with "SELECT static_countr...
2006-10-31 franzholzsome modifications for the addWhere parameter
2006-10-11 franzholzuse id variable
2006-10-11 franzholzWHERE clauses to functions and call to load additional TCA
2006-09-09 stuckiInitial import based on static_info_tables 2.0.0