Resolves #45809: Refactor code and introduce namespacing
[TYPO3CMS/Extensions/static_info_tables.git] / class.tx_staticinfotables_syslanguage.php
2013-02-25 stanResolves #45809: Refactor code and introduce namespacing
2008-03-16 franzholzfix bug 6059: Static_country_zones Canada wrong ISO-Nr
2007-12-16 franzholzchange hook operand to use less memory in PHP4
2007-12-16 franzholzremove dependancy from div extension
2007-06-16 franzholzsupport for custom where clauses with static_info_table...
2006-10-11 franzholzuse id variable
2006-09-09 stuckiInitial import based on static_info_tables 2.0.0