Remove some words from the default word list.
[TYPO3CMS/Extensions/sr_freecap.git] / ChangeLog
2009-04-01 stanRemove some words from the default word list.
2009-01-24 stanUpdated ext_emconf from TER version 1.1.1
2009-01-24 stanUpdated manual.
2009-01-24 stanUpdated damaged images.
2009-01-24 stanAdded missing images for Morphed image blocks option...
2009-01-24 stanUpdated manual: random background type does not exist...
2009-01-24 stan###SR_FREECAP_ACCESSIBLE### marker should produce inlin...
2009-01-24 stanRemove superfluous spaces in rendered html. Thanks...
2009-01-24 stanCorrection to the manual. Thanks to Niklas Kanthak.
2009-01-23 stanAdded Polish translation. Thanks to Daniel Ciunkiewicz.
2009-01-23 stanFollow-up to issue #10132: Adding comments
2009-01-23 stanFixed bug #10132: sr_freecap seems to work only with...
2009-01-23 stanDefault to local installation
2009-01-23 stanUpdate version number to 1.1.1
2009-01-23 stanFix for current TYPO3 trunk (4.3-dev) caching
2009-01-23 stanCleanup: Use UNIX line separators in all files
2009-01-23 stanInitial upload to TYPO3 Forge