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[TYPO3CMS/Extensions/sr_freecap.git] / Resources / Private / Language / fr.locallang.xlf
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
2 <xliff version="1.0">
3         <file source-language="en" target-language="fr" datatype="plaintext" original="messages" date="2012-11-06T22:12:01Z" product-name="sr_freecap">
4                 <header/>
5                 <body>
6                         <trans-unit id="title" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
7                                 <source>Make GD Font for freeCap CAPTCHA</source>
8                                 <target>Fabrication d'une police de caractères GD pour freeCap CAPTCHA</target>
9                         </trans-unit>
10                         <trans-unit id="title-created" xml:space="preserve">
11                                 <source>A GD font for freeCap CAPTCHA was created</source>
12                                 <target>Un fichier de police de caractères GD a été créé pour freeCap CAPTCHA</target>
13                         </trans-unit>   
14                         <trans-unit id="charactersToIncludeInFont" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
15                                 <source>Characters included in font:</source>
16                                 <target>Caractères inclus dans la police:</target>
17                         </trans-unit>
18                         <trans-unit id="numbers-only" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
19                                 <source>Numbers only (0-9)</source>
20                                 <target>Chiffres seulement (0-9)</target>
21                         </trans-unit>
22                         <trans-unit id="ASCII-lowercase-letters" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
23                                 <source>ASCII lowercase letters (a-z)</source>
24                                 <target>Lettres minuscules ASCII (a-z)</target>
25                         </trans-unit>
26                         <trans-unit id="ANSI-extended-ASCII-lowercase-letters" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
27                                 <source>ANSI-extended ASCII lowercase letters (a-z,ß-ÿ)</source>
28                                 <target>Lettres minuscules ASCII étendu par ANSI (a-z,ß-ÿ)</target>
29                         </trans-unit>
30                         <trans-unit id="characterWidth" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
31                                 <source>Character width:</source>
32                                 <target>Largeur des caractères:</target>
33                         </trans-unit>
34                         <trans-unit id="characterHeight" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
35                                 <source>Character height:</source>
36                                 <target>Hauteur des caractères:</target>
37                         </trans-unit>
38                         <trans-unit id="endianness" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
39                                 <source>Byte order (Endianness):</source>
40                                 <target>Ordre des octets (endianness):</target>
41                         </trans-unit>
42                         <trans-unit id="littleEndian" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
43                                 <source>Little-endian</source>
44                                 <target>Petit-boutiste</target>
45                         </trans-unit>
46                         <trans-unit id="bigEndian" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
47                                 <source>Big-endian</source>
48                                 <target>Gros-boutiste</target>
49                         </trans-unit>
50                         <trans-unit id="pathToTTFFile" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
51                                 <source>Path to source TTF font file relative to TYPO3 site:</source>
52                                 <target>Chemin jusqu'au fichier de police TTF d'entrée relativement au site TYPO3:</target>
53                         </trans-unit>
54                         <trans-unit id="gdFontFilePrefix" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
55                                 <source>Prefix of GD font file name to create:</source>
56                                 <target>Préfixe du nom du fichier de police GD à créer:</target>
57                         </trans-unit>
58                         <trans-unit id="makeFont" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
59                                 <source>Make font</source>
60                                 <target>Fabriquer la police</target>
61                         </trans-unit>
62                         <trans-unit id="usingFontFile" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
63                                 <source>The following TTF font file is used as source:</source>
64                                 <target>Le fichier de police TTF suivant est utilisé en entrée:</target>
65                         </trans-unit>
66                         <trans-unit id="ttfFontFileNotFound" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
67                                 <source>The source TTF font file could not be found:</source>
68                                 <target>Le fichier de police TTF d'entrée n'a pas été trouvé:</target>
69                         </trans-unit>
70                         <trans-unit id="pngImageCreated" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
71                                 <source>The following PNG image was created:</source>
72                                 <target>L'image PNG suivante a été créée:</target>
73                         </trans-unit>
74                         <trans-unit id="pngFontImage" xml:space="preserve">
75                                 <source>Font image created from the TTF font file</source>
76                                 <target>Image créée à partir du fichier de police TTF</target>
77                         </trans-unit>
78                         <trans-unit id="gdFontFileCreated" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
79                                 <source>The following GD font file was created from the above image:</source>
80                                 <target>Le fichier de police GD suivant a été créé à partir de l'image ci-haut:</target>
81                         </trans-unit>
82                         <trans-unit id="gdFontFileNotCreated" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
83                                 <source>The following GD font file could not be created:</source>
84                                 <target>Le fichier de police GD suivant n'a pas pu être créé:</target>
85                         </trans-unit>
86                         <trans-unit id="max_attempts" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
87                                 <source>Sorry, service is interrupted.</source>
88                                 <target>Le service est interrompu.</target>
89                         </trans-unit>
90                         <trans-unit id="site_tag" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
91                                 <source>Please do NOT enter the text|if this site is not %1$s</source>
92                                 <target>N'entrez pas le mot|si le site n'est pas %1$s!</target>
93                         </trans-unit>
94                         <trans-unit id="altText" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
95                                 <source>CAPTCHA image for SPAM prevention</source>
96                                 <target>Image CAPTCHA pour prévenir l'utilisation abusive</target>
97                         </trans-unit>
98                         <trans-unit id="notice" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
99                                 <source>Please enter here the word as displayed in the picture.</source>
100                                 <target>Veuillez entrer ici le mot ou le nombre tel qu'il apparaît dans l'image.</target>
101                         </trans-unit>
102                         <trans-unit id="notice_informal" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
103                                 <source>Please enter here the word as displayed in the picture.</source>
104                                 <target>Entre ici le mot ou le nombre tel qu'il apparaît dans l'image.</target>
105                         </trans-unit>
106                         <trans-unit id="explain" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
107                                 <source>This is to prevent spamming.</source>
108                                 <target>Ceci vise à prévenir les abus.</target>
109                         </trans-unit>
110                         <trans-unit id="cant_read1" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
111                                 <source>If you can't read the word,</source>
112                                 <target>Si vous ne pouvez lire toutes les lettres ou chiffres,</target>
113                         </trans-unit>
114                         <trans-unit id="cant_read1_informal" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
115                                 <source>If you can't read the word,</source>
116                                 <target>Si tu ne peux pas lire toutes les lettres ou chiffres,</target>
117                         </trans-unit>
118                         <trans-unit id="click_here" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
119                                 <source>click here</source>
120                                 <target>cliquez ici</target>
121                         </trans-unit>
122                         <trans-unit id="click_here_informal" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
123                                 <source>click here</source>
124                                 <target>clique ici</target>
125                         </trans-unit>
126                         <trans-unit id="click_here_accessible" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
127                                 <source>Click here for audio version of the word to enter.</source>
128                                 <target>Cliquez ici pour une version audio du mot ou du nombre à entrer.</target>
129                         </trans-unit>
130                         <trans-unit id="click_here_accessible_informal" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
131                                 <source>Click here for audio version of the word to enter.</source>
132                                 <target>Clique ici pour une version audio du mot ou du nombre à entrer.</target>
133                         </trans-unit>
134                         <trans-unit id="click_here_accessible_before_link" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
135                                 <source>For </source>
136                                 <target>Cliquez sur ce lien pour une </target>
137                         </trans-unit>
138                         <trans-unit id="click_here_accessible_before_link_informal" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
139                                 <source>For </source>
140                                 <target>Cliquez sur ce lien pour une </target>
141                         </trans-unit>
142                         <trans-unit id="click_here_accessible_link" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
143                                 <source>the audio version of the word</source>
144                                 <target>version audio du mot ou du nombre</target>
145                         </trans-unit>
146                         <trans-unit id="click_here_accessible_link_informal" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
147                                 <source>the audio version of the word</source>
148                                 <target>version audio du mot ou du nombre</target>
149                         </trans-unit>
150                         <trans-unit id="click_here_accessible_after_link" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
151                                 <source> click on this link.</source>
152                                 <target> à entrer.</target>
153                         </trans-unit>
154                         <trans-unit id="click_here_accessible_after_link_informal" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
155                                 <source> click on this link.</source>
156                                 <target> à entrer.</target>
157                         </trans-unit>
158                         <trans-unit id="cant_read2" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
159                                 <source>.</source>
160                                 <target>.</target>
161                         </trans-unit>
162                         <trans-unit id="noImageMessage" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
163                                 <source>Sorry, we cannot autoreload a new image. Submit the form and a new image will be loaded.</source>
164                                 <target>Désolé, nous ne pouvons présenter une nouvelle image. Envoyez le formulaire et une nouvelle image sera présentée.</target>
165                         </trans-unit>
166                         <trans-unit id="noPlayMessage" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
167                                 <source>Sorry, we cannot play the word of the image.</source>
168                                 <target>Désolé, nous ne pouvons jouer le mot ou le nombre à entrer.</target>
169                         </trans-unit>
170                         <trans-unit id="noImageMessage_informal" xml:space="preserve" approved="yes">
171                                 <source></source>
172                                 <target>Désolé, nous ne pouvons présenter une nouvelle image. Envoie le formulaire et une nouvelle image sera présentée.</target>
173                         </trans-unit>
174                         <trans-unit id="1238108067" xml:space="preserve">
175                                 <source>Please enter a file name of length 1 to 255 characters.</source>
176                                 <target>Veuillez entrer un nom contenant entre 1 et 255 caractères.</target>
177                         </trans-unit>
178                         <trans-unit id="1221561046" xml:space="preserve">
179                                 <source>Please enter a number betwwen 5 and 255.</source>
180                                 <target>Veuillez entrer un nombre entre 5 et 255.</target>
181                         </trans-unit>
182                         <trans-unit id="9221561046" xml:space="preserve">
183                                 <source>A file with the given name could not be found.</source>
184                                 <target>Aucun fichier portant ce nom n'a été trouvé.</target>
185                         </trans-unit>
186                         <trans-unit id="9221561047" xml:space="preserve">
187                                 <source>The specified file is not a True Type Font file.</source>
188                                 <target>Le fichier spécifié ne contient pas une police de caractères True Type Font.</target>
189                         </trans-unit>
190                         <trans-unit id="wrongWordWasEntered" xml:space="preserve">
191                                 <source>Please enter the word or number as it appears in the image. The entered value was incorrect.</source>
192                                 <target>Veuillez entrer le mot ou le nombre tel qu'il apparaît dans l'image. La valeur entrée était incorrecte.</target>
193                         </trans-unit>
194                 </body>
195         </file>
196 </xliff>