2012-06-29 francoisAdded search fields definition master
2012-06-20 francoisRaised tesseract compatibility version
2012-03-22 francoisImplemented new empty structure initialization
2012-03-22 francoisChanged to apply filters only to the main table
2012-01-31 francoisImplemented support for data filters, resolves #32861
2012-01-30 francoisCorrected naming mistake in a variable
2012-01-30 francoisReplaced custom function with built-in tool to select...
2011-12-28 francoisImplemented assembly of recordset-type data structure
2011-12-28 francoisCorrected reference to moved class file
2011-12-27 francoisMoved classes to Extbase-like structure
2011-12-23 francoisRemoved a debug statement
2011-12-23 francoisAdded code to dynamically modify the TCA for allowed...
2011-12-15 francoisAdded an edit wizard for the selected records
2011-12-12 francoisImplemented id list-type data structure logic
2011-12-03 francoisImplemented part of the data provider code
2011-11-26 francoisExchanged use of type against update field
2011-11-26 francoisCorrected error in SQL definition
2011-11-26 francoisInitial code import
2011-11-09 wwwInitializing project simpleprovider (4/4)