2014-08-26 mabolekFixed #59117 Extension not working in 6.2 by merging... master
2012-03-22 boresexpressManual updated.
2012-03-22 boresexpressFixed #34616.
2012-03-22 boresexpressFixed #34610.
2012-01-26 boresexpressReleased version 2.3.0
2012-01-24 boresexpressIncluded patch from Bernd Wilke (with many improvements).
2011-11-09 boresexpressIncluded patch from Ernesto Domato.
2011-05-24 boresexpressOne configuration option was lost, add it to default...
2011-03-31 boresexpressUse devLog instead of content output. This way extensio...
2011-03-23 boresexpressManual updated.
2011-03-22 boresexpressFixed bug http://forge.typo3.org/issues/8674
2011-03-22 boresexpressBug fixed: when user comes to the site and session...
2011-03-21 boresexpressVersion number changed.
2011-03-18 boresexpressAdded some countryCodeToLanguageCode values for russian...
2011-03-18 boresexpressFixed invalid syntax in queries. Should work on Postgre...
2010-04-20 joachimmathesCHG: Increase version number to 2.0.3
2010-04-20 joachimmathesCHG: Make session usage configurable via TypoScript
2010-04-20 joachimmathesFIX: Store session data explicitly
2010-04-20 joachimmathesFIX: Don't discard GET parameters when redirecting
2010-04-20 joachimmathesFIX: Check variable for equality of value AND type
2010-04-20 joachimmathesFIX: Fix loop variable name
2010-04-20 joachimmathesCHG: Set new author after consultation with Mathias...
2010-04-20 joachimmathesInitial commit
2010-04-20 wwwInitializing project rlmp_language_detection (4/4)