2016-03-22 Tim LochmüllerPrepare release 3.6.0 master
2016-03-22 Benjamin Franzkedoc/nginx: Fix redirects to not loose post data
2016-03-21 Tim LochmüllerFix #75210 - thanks to Stefan Galinski
2016-01-04 Tim Lochmüller[BUGFIX] Remove the wrong note of the .htaccess file
2016-01-04 Benjamin FranzkeProvide PSR-4 autoload information
2015-12-31 Benjamin Franzke[FOLLOWUP] Migrate to static::class
2015-12-29 Tim Lochmüller[TASK] Migrate to static::class (require PHP 5.5 now)
2015-12-29 Tim Lochmüller[TASK] Migrate to static::class (require PHP 5.5 now)
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] htaccess: Generate direct access protection
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzkedoc: Add nginx configuration
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzke[CLEANUP] More PSR-2 adjustments
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] htaccess: create if any of the sendCacheHeader...
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] Remove HTTP_PRAGMA/CACHE_CONTROL check from...
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] Remove the broken (and unneeded) no-cache header...
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzke[BUGFIX] Do not prohibit valid cache updates
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzke[BUGFIX] Remove clearCachePostProc hook to prevent...
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzke[BUGFIX] Re-enable the clearCacheForAllDomains == false...
2015-12-29 Benjamin Franzke[FEATURE] Add TSFE pageCacheTags to our own cache
2015-12-28 Tim LochmüllerPrepare release 3.5.0
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[BUGFIX] Fix the remove expired pages button
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[BUGFIX] #70994 Tree view in info module just one entry...
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[BUGIX] #70673 No static file after FE user logged out
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[TASK] Convert array to short syntax (need PHP 5.4.x)
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[BUGFIX] There is no first parameter for the GeneralUti...
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[TASK] Format the code by PSR-2
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[TASK] Migrate Cookie related stuff to the CookieUtility
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[TASK] Format the htaccess file (one comment)
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[BUGFIX] Fix the security rule to allow the redirect...
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[BUGFIX] Fix the "Illegal link configuration." check
2015-12-28 Tim Lochmüller[TASK] Add same changelog information
2015-12-16 Tim Lochmüller[BUGFIX] Call the getPID function in the right way
2015-12-16 Tim LochmüllerAdd one more rule check for the valid cache URI 10/45310/1
2015-10-28 Tim LochmüllerTest
2015-10-28 Fabien Udriot[CLEANUP] Remove blank lines in ext_tables.php
2015-10-20 soda_2005[BUGFIX] don't delete cache, when editor changes conten...
2015-10-02 spykerFix the security rule
2015-10-02 spykerPut the document root also in a env variable
2015-10-02 spykerStreamline the htaccess configuration
2015-09-09 spykerFix typo in the htaccess file
2015-09-09 spykerIntroduce REQUEST_URI wrapper in the htaccess file...
2015-09-09 spykerThe URI contain a index.php that is not allowed for...
2015-08-20 spykerPrepare Release 3.4.1
2015-08-20 spyker#68473 Fix compatiblity bug for 7.x
2015-07-14 soda_2005[BUGFIX] prevent deletion of whole cache, when pageId...
2015-07-13 spykerPrepare Release 3.4.0
2015-07-10 spykerFix the fatal error in the UriBuilder with a fallback URI
2015-07-10 spykerCleanup the htaccess, move to documentation, add securi...
2015-06-17 spykerFix https://forge.typo3.org/issues/67373
2015-06-17 spykerFix https://forge.typo3.org/issues/67526
2015-05-08 spykerPrepare Release 3.3.1
2015-05-07 spykerSplit up the Slot handling and the rule checking in...
2015-05-06 spykerAdd one separate explanation for every single INT scrip...
2015-05-05 spykerRemove the double .htaccess files, because realurl...
2015-05-05 spykerAdd lines of #58315 to the cookie hook, to check if...
2015-05-05 spykerFix #66779 (partly) wrong empty Space in .htaccess...
2015-05-05 spykerFix #56519 Add notice about AddType in the .htaccess
2015-05-04 spykerPrepare release 3.3.0
2015-04-30 spykerCode cleanups
2015-04-30 spykerCode cleanups
2015-04-30 spykerCleanup comments
2015-04-30 spykerCache the meta information as serialized array
2015-04-30 spykerRemove all the HTML in the backend module class
2015-04-30 spykerAdd class information to the explanation
2015-04-30 spykerAvoid double slash in the cache filename path
2015-04-30 spykerUse the PathUtility to call pathinfo functions
2015-04-30 spykerMove More backend module HTML to template file and...
2015-04-30 spykerMigrate the last two caching rules
2015-04-30 spykerSet clearcacheonload to TRUE and set the Version compat...
2015-04-30 spykerEnable clearCacheForAllDomains again
2015-04-29 spykerCode cleanup and fix typos
2015-04-29 spykerMove the setFeUserCookie Hook to separate class
2015-04-29 spykerMove the ValidProtocol Rule to a separate class
2015-04-29 spykerReplace Hooks with more modern Signals
2015-04-29 spykerMove the PageCacheable Rule to a separate class
2015-04-29 spykerLoginDeniedConfiguration
2015-04-29 spykerFix #66651 Missing %{TIME} in RewritCond for Cache...
2015-04-29 spykerRemove old ClearCacheProcessing variable and handling
2015-04-29 spykerMove the NoIntScripts Rule to a separate class
2015-04-29 spykerMove the UserOrGroup Rule to a separate class
2015-04-29 spykerRemove the overhead of the debugger. Code checks should...
2015-04-29 spykerSpeed up the flushByTag function of the StaticFileBackend
2015-04-29 spykerMove the WorkspacePreview Rule to a separate class
2015-04-29 spykerFix documentation
2015-04-28 spykerAdd one more rule to the caching ruleset
2015-04-28 spykerMove the decision if the page is cachable to a rule...
2015-04-28 spykerMove HeaderNoCache to separate class
2015-04-28 spykerMove ClearCachePostProc.php to separate class
2015-04-28 spykerRemove unused variables
2015-04-27 spykerChange version number to 3.2.0
2015-04-24 spykerMove translation to template file
2015-04-24 spykerCleanup the clearCachePostProc function
2015-04-24 spykerMove LogNoCache to separate class
2015-04-24 spykerRemove old functions (more migration to CF)
2015-04-24 spykerRemove one noWrap
2015-04-24 spykerMigrate one manually clear cache to the core mechanism...
2015-04-24 spykerMigrate the backend module and all functions to the...
2015-04-24 spykerIntegration SFC Backend functions for the cache
2015-04-24 spykerremoved unused function getContentObject
2015-04-24 spykerMove more HTML to the templates of the Backend module
2015-04-24 spykerUpdate PhpDoc comments