2013-08-05 Eric Dorr[BUGFIX] Replace occurrences of t3lib_div::view_array 97/21797/4 master
2013-06-14 Aske ErtmannMerge branch 'gitolite'
2013-06-14 Jan-Erik Revsbech[FEATURE] Fix session cookie always being written
2013-05-11 Bastian BringenbergInitial empty repository
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update version number to 1.5.1 after TER upload 1.5.1
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update Changelog
2013-04-09 www-data[BUGFIX] Fix usage of varnishHosts configuration option
2013-04-09 www-data[BUGFIX] Prevent mismatch for unique SQL key in extensi...
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update version number to 1.5.0 after TER upload 1.5.0
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update changelog
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[!!!][FEATURE] Add cache clearing of multiple varnish...
2013-04-09 www-data[BUGFIX] Prevent duplicate entries in Scheduler queue
2013-04-08 www-data[BUGFIX] Only clear without domain if domains aren...
2013-04-04 Jan-Erik Revsbech[BUGFIX] Fix problem with multiple clearings of same URL
2013-04-02 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update ext_emconf to be compatible with TER...
2012-09-10 www-data[TASK] Update extension icon to new varnish icon
2012-08-28 www-data[FEATURE] Add optional scheduler purge request queue
2012-07-13 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Upload to TER. Version 1.4.0 1.4.0
2012-07-13 www-data[BUGFIX] Set cookie domain to the setting from the...
2012-06-26 Jan-Erik RevsbechMerge "[FEATURE] Add xclass for tx_felogin_pi1 to preve...
2012-06-26 www-data[FEATURE] Add xclass for tx_felogin_pi1 to prevent...
2012-04-19 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update emconf to version 1.3.1 1.3.1
2012-04-19 aske[BUGFIX] Add handling of domain pointer in RealURL...
2012-04-19 askeMerge "[BUGFIX] Check if BE_USER is an object to avoid...
2012-04-19 aske[BUGFIX] Check if BE_USER is an object to avoid fatal...
2012-04-19 aske[BUGFIX] Check if BE_USER is an object to avoid fatal...
2012-03-16 www-data[FEATURE][TASK] Add wildcard appending option & improve...
2011-10-14 Jan-Erik RevsbechMerge "[TASK] Updated version number to 1.2.0 after...
2011-10-14 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Updated version number to 1.2.0 after upload...
2011-10-08 Michael Stucki[TASK] Fix more whitespaces and do some code cleanup
2011-10-08 Michael Stucki[TASK] Fix a typo in all example configuration files
2011-10-08 Michael Stucki[TASK] Fix upper-case in a comment
2011-10-07 Michael Stucki[TASK] Remove empty lines
2011-10-07 Michael Stucki[TASK] Remove duplicate code part (seems like I mixed...
2011-10-07 Michael StuckiRemove no_cache flag for the varnish helper page (978)
2011-10-07 Michael StuckiAdd comments
2011-10-07 Michael StuckiReplace double with single quotes (this should always...
2011-10-07 Michael StuckiAdd support for caching framework
2011-10-07 Michael StuckiFix tab tab indention
2011-10-07 Michael StuckiSupport stdWrap property "postUserFuncInt"
2011-10-07 Michael StuckiRetain compatibility with TYPO3 versions before 4.5
2011-10-07 Michael StuckiAdd new GET parameter "identifier" to query for cached...
2011-10-07 aske[TASK] Code cleanup (remove trailing whitespace).
2011-10-07 Michael StuckiAdd support for PHP_SCRIPT_INT and COA_INT cObjects
2011-10-07 Aske ErtmannMerge "Cleanup setup.txt (no behaviour changes yet)"
2011-10-07 Aske ErtmannMerge "Remove wrong icon file"
2011-08-24 www-data[+BUGFIX] Session is not written when storeSessionData...
2011-08-19 Jan-Erik Revsbech[+FEATURE] Add support for varnish running on different...
2011-08-19 Jan-Erik Revsbech[+FEATURE] Add option for not sending fe_session_cookie...
2011-08-19 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Upgraded to version 1.1
2011-07-11 Michael StuckiCleanup setup.txt (no behaviour changes yet)
2011-07-11 Michael StuckiRemove wrong icon file
2011-07-11 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Fix manual and adds new example VCL
2011-07-11 Jan-Erik Revsbech[FEATURE] Adds possibility to write Cookie when logged in
2011-07-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[BUGFIX] Fixes recursion from ealier expires bug
2011-07-08 Michael Stucki[BUGFIX] Fixes change in how postUserfunc is called
2011-07-08 Michael Stucki[BUGFIX] Fix HTTP header (value was missing)
2011-07-08 Jan-Erik RevsbechMerge "Refactoring of the XCLASS for USER_INT objects"
2011-07-08 Jan-Erik RevsbechMerge "Fix wrong case for filename inclusion"
2011-07-08 Michael StuckiRead only GET parameters in user_renderInt.php
2011-07-08 Michael StuckiRefactoring of the XCLASS for USER_INT objects
2011-07-08 Michael StuckiFix wrong case for filename inclusion
2011-07-08 Jan-Erik Revsbech[+FEATURE] Adds possibility to override domains
2011-07-08 Jan-Erik Revsbech[BUGFIX][TASK] Fixes problem with RealURL expire flag
2011-07-02 Christian Jul... [TASK][!!!] Update to work with TYPO3 4.5 and Varnish 2.1
2011-06-14 www-dataFixed problem with moc_varnish and no URL found
2011-01-12 Jan-Erik RevsbechNew additios t manual, and ext_icon
2010-10-19 Jan-Erik RevsbechUpdated version to 1.0.0 after upload to TER
2010-10-19 Jan-Erik RevsbechAdded extesion icon
2010-10-19 Jan-Erik RevsbechPrepared extemconf for upload to TER
2010-10-19 Jan-Erik RevsbechUpdated manual
2010-10-19 Jan-Erik RevsbechUpdated manual with VCL examples, and cleaned up the...
2010-10-18 Jan-Erik RevsbechChanged max_age to have stdWrap properties
2010-10-18 Jan-Erik RevsbechNew changes to manuale
2010-10-18 Jan-Erik RevsbechChanded version to 0.9
2010-10-18 Jan-Erik RevsbechAdded manual to doc dir
2010-10-18 Jan-Erik RevsbechAdded possibitly to delete entire cahce
2010-10-18 Jan-Erik RevsbechModified Cache clearing hooks
2010-10-17 Jan-Erik RevsbechAdded new extesion manager configurations
2010-10-17 Jan-Erik RevsbechAdded configuration template for extensions.
2010-10-17 Jan-Erik RevsbechCleanup
2010-10-17 Jan-Erik RevsbechAdded statis TypoScript file
2010-10-17 Jan-Erik RevsbechClened up a little
2010-10-17 Jan-Erik RevsbechMoved Xclass to new directory adnd split xclass for...
2010-10-14 Jan-Erik RevsbechReworked code to work with examples
2010-10-14 Jan-Erik RevsbechAdded examples dir
2010-10-14 Jan-Erik RevsbechAdded ignore file
2010-10-14 Jan-Erik RevsbechInitial GIT import