descriptionExtension that provides useful features when using Varnish with TYPO3, like cache-clearing and automatic ESI.
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2013-08-05 Eric Dorr[BUGFIX] Replace occurrences of t3lib_div::view_array 97/21797/4 master
2013-06-14 Aske ErtmannMerge branch 'gitolite'
2013-06-14 Jan-Erik Revsbech[FEATURE] Fix session cookie always being written
2013-05-11 Bastian BringenbergInitial empty repository
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update version number to 1.5.1 after TER upload 1.5.1
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update Changelog
2013-04-09 www-data[BUGFIX] Fix usage of varnishHosts configuration option
2013-04-09 www-data[BUGFIX] Prevent mismatch for unique SQL key in extensi...
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update version number to 1.5.0 after TER upload 1.5.0
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update changelog
2013-04-09 Jan-Erik Revsbech[!!!][FEATURE] Add cache clearing of multiple varnish...
2013-04-09 www-data[BUGFIX] Prevent duplicate entries in Scheduler queue
2013-04-08 www-data[BUGFIX] Only clear without domain if domains aren...
2013-04-04 Jan-Erik Revsbech[BUGFIX] Fix problem with multiple clearings of same URL
2013-04-02 Jan-Erik Revsbech[TASK] Update ext_emconf to be compatible with TER...
2012-09-10 www-data[TASK] Update extension icon to new varnish icon
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