2014-04-01 Francois Suter[FEATURE] Allow multiple values per line 12/29012/2 master
2012-06-29 francoisAdded search fields definition
2012-05-09 francoisAdded logging of successful keys retrieval
2012-05-02 francoisAdded all the Tesseract registration process
2012-05-01 francoisAdded first draft of provider class
2012-05-01 francoisImproved icon
2012-05-01 francoisMoved all appropriate files into Extbase-like structure
2012-05-01 francoisChanged TCA layout with palettes
2012-05-01 francoisAdded proper icons
2012-05-01 francoisInitial code from Kickstarter
2012-05-01 forgetypo3orgInitializing project mmprovider (4/4)