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2012-06-20 Martin Helmich[~CLEANUP] Code formatting. 41/12241/1 master
2012-06-19 Martin Helmich[~TASK] Moved extension one directory upwards. 00/12200/1
2012-05-30 mhelmich[~TASK] Moved mm_messaging extension into own project... trunk
2012-05-30 mhelmich[~TWEAK] Improved view.
2012-05-30 mhelmich[~TWEAK] Source code formatting.
2012-05-30 mhelmich[+FEATURE] Implemented subscription listing views.
2012-05-30 mhelmich[+FEATURE] Implemented listSubscriptions controller...
2012-05-30 mhelmich[+FEATURE] Implemented repository methods to query...
2012-05-30 mhelmich[#BUGFIX] Adapted user controller to anonymous user...
2012-05-30 mhelmich[~TASK] Added unittests for UserController.
2012-05-30 mhelmich[+FEATURE] Topic and forum subscription list.
2012-05-30 mhelmich[+FEATURE] Improved link handling for anonymous authors.
2012-05-30 mhelmich[+FEATURE] Added more unit tests for anonymous user...
2012-05-30 mhelmich[+FEATURE] Further adjustments to domain model to handl...
2012-05-30 mhelmich[+FEATURE] Display author name field in topic form.
2012-05-30 mhelmich[#BUGFIX] Forgot some CSS classes.
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