[TASK] Replace deprecated API calls and label references
[TYPO3CMS/Extensions/languagevisibility.git] / ext_conf_template.txt
2013-10-15 Stefan Rotsch[TASK] TYPO3 6.x compatibility fixes 05/24805/2
2010-05-25 tolleivTYPO3 4.2 compatibility fixes - added configuration...
2010-03-30 tolleivchanged ext_conf_template towards useful defaults...
2010-01-14 tolleivadded option to have "t" as default is new lang=0 recor...
2009-10-21 timo_aoemedia* added cache layer
2009-08-27 timo_aoemedia* added caches to increase performance
2009-07-10 timo_aoemedia* make destriction of copy, cut and move configurable
2009-06-23 timo_aoemedia* implemented inherited force to no (no+) for pages
2008-07-03 danpinitial import