[TASK] Replace deprecated API calls and label references
[TYPO3CMS/Extensions/languagevisibility.git] / class.tx_languagevisibility_fieldvisibility.php
2013-10-15 Stefan Rotsch[TASK] TYPO3 6.x compatibility fixes 05/24805/2
2011-02-15 tlayhadded hook for other records then tt_news
2010-09-22 tolleivchanged newline endings to unix style
2010-06-23 tolleivfurther propagation to use the extended API of tx_langu...
2010-05-11 tolleivAutomatic CGL and whitespace fixes
2010-03-24 tolleivfixed naming of tx_languagevisibility_fieldvisibility...
2009-12-22 tolleivremoved makeInstanceClassName for TYPO3 versions after 4.3
2009-12-22 tolleivAnother whitespacefix
2009-06-23 timo_aoemedia* implemented inherited force to no (no+) for pages
2009-03-12 timo_aoemedia* only "force to no" affect visibility if an element...
2009-02-02 timo_aoemedia* implemented functionallity for overlays to overwrite...
2008-08-26 tolleivVersion set to 0.1.18
2008-07-21 danpquick fix for missing mergeIfNotBlank in getPageOverlay
2008-07-03 danpinitial import