2015-06-07 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Raise version number to 1.0.0-dev
2015-06-03 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Implement missing parts of 7.x driver interface
2015-06-03 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] File info could not be fetched for some files
2015-06-03 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Bundle WebDAV access in separate class
2015-06-03 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Files could not be copied locally
2015-06-03 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Move default PROPFIND parameters to client
2015-06-03 Andreas Wolf[CLEANUP] Update copyright header
2015-06-03 Andreas Wolf[DOC] Add RFC 4918
2015-06-03 Andreas Wolf[CLEANUP] Remove outdated permission methods
2015-06-02 Andreas Wolf[CLEANUP] Remove pre-6.2 compatibility methods
2015-06-02 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Remove outdated calls to storage
2015-06-02 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Temporary file was not removed after hashing
2015-05-17 Andreas Wolf[CLEANUP] Remove deprecated driver methods
2015-05-17 Andreas Wolf[DOC] Add note on composer.json
2015-05-17 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Missing bodies for PROPFIND requests
2015-05-17 Andreas Wolf[!!!][TASK] Switch dependencies to composer
2015-05-17 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add cache configuration
2015-04-30 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Certificate verification couldn’t be disabled
2015-04-20 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add README.md
2015-04-19 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Repair failing tests
2015-04-19 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Make directory list cache injectable
2015-04-19 Andreas Wolf[CLEANUP] Streamline class imports in driver
2015-04-19 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Adjust driver interface to 6.2
2015-04-19 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Update SabreDAV include path
2013-07-31 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Update SabreDAV submodule pointer
2013-04-13 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Update SabreDAV 42/19942/3
2013-04-13 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Set status to beta 41/19941/3
2013-03-29 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Bump version to 0.2.0-dev
2013-03-24 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Improve manual 50/19250/2
2013-03-24 Nicole Cordes[FEATURE] Option for disabling SSL certificate verification 34/14534/4
2013-03-24 Stefan Neufeind[TASK] Rework configuration-handling (credentials,... 32/16932/5
2013-03-24 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Catch exceptions thrown in davPropFind function 19/19219/4
2013-03-24 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] FileNotFound exception caught too early 29/19229/4
2013-03-22 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Add status report for mcrypt availability
2013-03-22 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Set TYPO3 version constraint
2013-03-22 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Error if mcrypt is not available
2013-03-21 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] SabreDAV exceptions are not caught 71/15071/5
2013-03-21 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add manual
2012-12-02 Andreas WolfMerge "[TASK] Raise submodule pointer for SabreDAV."
2012-12-02 Stefan Neufeind[BUGFIX] Fix TCEmain hook for password encryption 31/16931/2
2012-11-30 Jan Philipp... [TASK] Raise submodule pointer for SabreDAV. 81/16881/1
2012-11-05 Benjamin Mack[BUGFIX] Compatibility error with current 6.0 master 11/15411/2
2012-09-11 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Bump SabreDAV submodule pointer
2012-09-11 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Introduce namespaces
2012-09-11 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Fix wrong and missing exception annotations
2012-09-11 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Bump submodule pointer for SabreDAV
2012-09-01 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Adjust Extension to new Core namespaces
2012-06-21 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Server response caching
2012-06-21 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] fileExists() returns true for folders
2012-06-20 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Password is not stored encrypted but expected...
2012-04-24 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Configurable file/folder list filters
2012-04-24 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Raise submodule pointer
2012-04-24 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Override authentication information from URL
2012-04-24 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Empty passwords throw warning
2012-04-14 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Proxy all DAV requests through driver method
2012-04-14 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Update submodule pointer
2012-04-14 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Adjust Test initialization to change in FAL
2012-04-14 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add test for timeout of WebDAV driver
2012-04-13 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Adjust Driver to changes in FAL
2012-04-13 Benjamin Mack[FEATURE] Add option to skip zero-byte-indexing and...
2012-04-13 Benjamin Mack[CLEANUP] Cleaned up extension files
2012-04-13 Benjamin Mack[BUGFIX] Fixed arguments that were modified in the...
2012-04-13 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Encryption utility method throws warning for...
2012-04-13 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Adjust Driver to changes in FAL
2012-04-12 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Adjust driver class to latest changes in FAL
2012-02-05 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Wrong interface names, missing excludeHiddenFi...
2012-02-01 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Adopt new AbstractDriver API for FileInterface...
2012-02-01 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add parameter to addFile() method
2012-02-01 Andreas Wolf[CLEANUP] Remove superfluous parameters in method calls
2012-01-24 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Store passwords encrypted
2012-01-18 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Configuration property baseUrl might contain...
2012-01-12 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Adjust interface to changes in getFileList()
2012-01-10 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Username and password are kept in baseUrl
2012-01-10 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Wrong path to SabreDAV autoloader
2012-01-10 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement permission methods
2012-01-10 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Add missing capability flags
2012-01-10 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Loading SabreDAV classes sometimes fails
2012-01-10 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add label to driver registration
2012-01-09 Andreas Wolf[CLEANUP] Remove empty ext_tables.php
2012-01-09 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Bump submodule pointer for SabreDAV
2012-01-09 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement add/deleteFileRaw()
2012-01-09 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement copy and move methods
2012-01-09 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Fix two method docblocks
2012-01-09 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement limits in getFileList/getFolderList()
2012-01-09 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Driver registration sometimes fails
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[~FEATURE] Use streams in replaceFile()
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement isFolderEmpty()
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Raise submodule pointer for SabreDAV
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add several unit tests
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement getPublicUrl()
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement delete/renameFolder()
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement file copying/moving
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement replace/deleteFile()
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement addFile() method
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Implement get/setFileContents()
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] createFile() does not return object
2012-01-08 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Catch exception in resourceExists()
2012-01-06 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Move SabreDAV library to Git submodule
2012-01-05 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Make WebDAV URL configurable
2012-01-04 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Remove sorting from file/folder listing