[TASK] Add correct copyright header to all PHP files
[TYPO3CMS/Extensions/fal_webdav.git] / ext_localconf.php
2015-11-05 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Switch to PSR-2
2015-05-17 Andreas Wolf[!!!][TASK] Switch dependencies to composer
2015-05-17 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add cache configuration
2015-04-19 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Update SabreDAV include path
2012-12-02 Andreas WolfMerge "[TASK] Raise submodule pointer for SabreDAV."
2012-12-02 Stefan Neufeind[BUGFIX] Fix TCEmain hook for password encryption 31/16931/2
2012-11-05 Benjamin Mack[BUGFIX] Compatibility error with current 6.0 master 11/15411/2
2012-09-11 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Introduce namespaces
2012-09-01 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Adjust Extension to new Core namespaces
2012-06-21 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Server response caching
2012-06-20 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Password is not stored encrypted but expected...
2012-04-13 Benjamin Mack[CLEANUP] Cleaned up extension files
2012-01-24 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Store passwords encrypted
2012-01-10 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Wrong path to SabreDAV autoloader
2012-01-10 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Loading SabreDAV classes sometimes fails
2012-01-10 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add label to driver registration
2012-01-09 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Driver registration sometimes fails
2012-01-06 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Move SabreDAV library to Git submodule
2011-12-26 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Integrate SabreDAV to include_path