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2015-11-05 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Add correct copyright header to all PHP files master
2015-11-05 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Change my email address
2015-11-05 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Switch to PSR-2
2015-11-05 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Implement get{File,Folder}InFolder()
2015-10-01 Georg Ringer[TASK] Add composer.json 95/43695/2
2015-09-22 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Files indexed multiple times
2015-09-22 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Huge memory usage when copying files
2015-06-24 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Public URL does not include file path
2015-06-24 Andreas Wolf[SECURITY] Credentials exposed in public URLs
2015-06-07 Andreas Wolf[DOC] Information for generating the ZIP file
2015-06-07 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Wrong exception message
2015-06-07 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] No cache statistics in AJAX requests
2015-06-07 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Cache identifiers must include storage uid
2015-06-07 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Improve result caching
2015-06-07 Andreas Wolf[TASK] Use identifier instead of URL in propFind()
2015-06-07 Andreas Wolf[FEATURE] Cache method results in WebDAV frontend
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