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2016-12-07 Christian PlattnerFix whitespaces in canonicalized paths master
2016-12-07 Christian Plattner[TASK] Add documentation
2016-12-07 Christian Plattner[BUGFIX] Avoid crash in directories with inaccessible...
2015-10-16 Christian Plattner[FEATURE] Keep _processed_ folder locally in typo3temp
2015-10-15 Christian Plattner[BUGFIX] fileExists and folderExists should not rely...
2015-10-15 Christian Plattner[FEATURE] Generation of public URLs
2015-10-15 Christian Plattner[FEATURE] Throw meaningful exceptions
2015-10-15 Christian Plattner[TASK] Refactoring: Sort out SMBClient and KRB5
2015-10-14 Christian Plattner[BUGFIX] Bugfix Create directory
2015-10-06 Christian Plattner[WIP][FEATURE] Read file contents to show in BE module
2015-10-06 Christian Plattner[CLEANUP] Avoid error messages which can not be prevented
2015-10-06 Christian Plattner[CLEANUP] Use stat information for readable/writable...
2015-10-06 Christian Plattner[FEATURE] Add support for Kerberos
2015-10-06 Christian Plattner[BUGFIX] Store file names urlencoded
2015-10-06 Christian Plattner[FEATURE] Support windows-style backslash syntax for...
2015-10-06 Christian Plattner[CLEANUP] Free SMB state in destructor
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