[BUGFIX] add empty Classes folder
[TYPO3CMS/Extensions/direct_mail_subscription.git] / pi /
2016-06-16 Ivan Kartolo[BUGFIX] change obsolete locallang reference 92/48592/2
2016-04-15 Ivan Kartolo[BUGFIX] added third and fourth parameter on getParsedD...
2016-04-15 Ivan Kartolo[BUGFIX] changed the class initialising, since notation...
2016-02-25 Ivan Kartolo[TASK] Compatibility to 7 LTS 49/46749/3
2015-01-26 Ivan Kartoloavoiding indexing and caching by search engine
2012-06-06 ivankartolo* using swiftmailer
2011-11-01 ivankartolo* Tweaking locallang for TYPO3 < 4.6.x
2011-10-31 ivankartolo* #29677: tweaking captcha in infomail
2011-10-28 ivankartolo* #29677: fix captcha checking
2011-10-06 ivankartoloTicket #13264: moved typoscript to static template
2011-02-21 ivankartolo* locallang file in xml-format
2011-02-18 ivankartolo* code clean up captcha and html template
2011-02-09 ivankartoloadded captcha in edit form
2011-02-09 ivankartolo- added captcha in subscription form
2011-02-01 ivankartolo- add salutation field in tt_address. This will be...
2010-11-11 ivankartoloinit import TER version