[BUGFIX] Awkward default IP filter
[TYPO3CMS/Extensions/devlog.git] / ChangeLog
2016-11-13 Francois Suter[BUGFIX] Awkward default IP filter 47/50647/2 master
2016-11-13 Francois Suter[TASK] Compatibility with TYPO3 8.x 46/50646/2
2016-11-09 Francois Suter[TASK] Fix various bits and pieces 57/50557/3
2016-11-09 Francois Suter[FEATURE] Rewrite documentation 56/50556/2
2016-11-01 Francois Suter[TASK] Language files clean up 76/50476/2
2016-10-31 Francois Suter[FEATURE] Add grouping by rows 56/50456/3
2016-10-30 Francois Suter[FEATURE] Add include keys list 44/50444/2
2016-10-30 Francois Suter[FEATURE] Restore log clearing feature 43/50443/3
2016-10-04 Francois Suter[FEATURE] Add filters to BE module 87/50087/3
2016-09-24 Francois Suter[FEATURE] Rewrite backend module 62/48862/6
2014-12-24 Francois Suter[BUGFIX] Add sorting field 36/35636/3
2014-12-15 Francois Suter[FEATURE] Add IP filtering 99/35499/2
2014-12-08 Francois Suter[FEATURE] The devlog reloaded 72/35172/2
2009-12-21 francoisReleased to TER as version 2.9.2
2009-12-21 francoisAdded protection against possible XSS attacks
2009-09-19 francoisCorrected TCA configuration so that devlog records...
2009-09-15 francoisRemoved some left-over debug statements (sorry!)
2009-09-09 francoisAdded optimization option when deleting excess records...
2009-03-26 francoisUpdated manual
2009-03-24 francoisAdded check for extra data type
2009-03-09 francoisAdded custom categories for extension configuration...
2009-03-02 francoisUpdated manual
2009-03-01 francoisModified CSH text
2009-02-26 francoisChanged log table styles slightly to better match t3skin
2009-02-24 francoisAdded CSH to header cells in log table view (thanks...
2009-02-16 francoisAdded a button to clear search and all filters
2009-02-16 francoisAdded t3lib_db::sql_free_results() calls wherever relevant
2009-02-16 francoisAdded warning about filtered keys in BE module
2008-11-07 francoisReleased version 2.6.0
2008-11-07 francoisAdded option for filtering out (extension) keys
2008-10-27 francoisUpdated changelog and manual
2008-10-21 francoisCaught unitiliazed value in BE module
2008-10-13 francoisUpdated the manual
2008-10-09 francoisFixed links to log runs beyond the limit
2008-10-08 francoisAdded page and user filter
2008-08-24 francoisCompleted old code inspection
2008-08-24 francoisCorrected buggy page edit link
2008-08-22 francoisAdded configuration option for search highlight
2008-08-13 francoisSimplified handling of extra data
2008-08-07 francoisCaught error when extension is not configured
2008-07-22 francoisCorrected HTML markup bug in BE module
2008-05-11 francoisAdded debug_backtrace() call to locate devLog call...
2008-04-23 francoisAdded options for cleaning up log entries
2008-04-15 francoisUpdated manual
2008-04-07 francoisManual clean up