descriptionAdds a new type to tca configuration to display record lists (like tt_news)
ownerGit-daemon system user
last changeFri, 9 Mar 2012 09:43:20 +0000 (10:43 +0100)
2012-03-09 Nicole CordesFixed problem with height="0px" master cps_tcatree_0-4-1
2012-01-27 Nicole CordesAdded support to configure height for tcatree div cps_tcatree_0-4-0
2012-01-27 Nicole CordesAdded support for marker
2011-11-28 Nicole CordesUpdated manual
2011-11-22 Nicole CordesAdded output of webmounts for pages cps_tcatree_0-3-0
2011-10-13 Nicole CordesFixed nested tree view if expandFirst is chosen cps_tcatree_0-2-4
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesAdded proper generation of titles cps_tcatree_0-2-3
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesAdded ->foreign_table_where to clause
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesFixed function for already selected items with no access cps_tcatree_0-2-2
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesAdded hook to manipulate treeViewObj->clause from any... cps_tcatree_0-2-1
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesFixed page TSConfig support for FlexForms (see manual) cps_tcatree_0-2-0
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesAdded page TSConfig support (hideItems, keepItems,... cps_tcatree_0-1-6
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesFixed function ajaxExpandCollapse to work on new record... cps_tcatree_0-1-5
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesFixed function ajaxExpandCollapse to support TYPO3... cps_tcatree_0-1-4
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesUpdated manual cps_tcatree_0-1-3
2011-09-26 Nicole CordesAdded check for table access cps_tcatree_0-1-2
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-4-1 Release of cps_tcatree 0.4.1
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-4-0 Release of cps_tcatree 0.4.0
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-3-0 Release of cps_tcatree 0.3.0
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-2-4 Release of cps_tcatree 0.2.4
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-2-3 Release of cps_tcatree 0.2.3
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-2-2 Release of cps_tcatree 0.2.2
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-2-1 Release of cps_tcatree 0.2.1
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-2-0 Release of cps_tcatree 0.2.0
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-1-6 Release of cps_tcatree 0.1.6
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-1-5 Release of cps_tcatree 0.1.5
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-1-4 Release of cps_tcatree 0.1.4
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-1-3 Release of cps_tcatree 0.1.3
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-1-2 Release of cps_tcatree 0.1.2
5 years ago cps_tcatree_0-1-1 Release of cps_tcatree 0.1.1
7 years ago romans_release Romans release
7 years ago cps_tcatree_0-1-0 Initial release
7 years ago master