2013-02-15 Patrick Broens[TASK] Missing short explanation 03/18303/2 master
2013-02-15 Patrick Broens[BUGFIX] AcceptCookie producing output when cookies... 00/18300/2
2013-02-15 Patrick Broens[BUGFIX] Link to cookie policy should be a page link... 98/18298/2
2013-02-15 Patrick Broens[BUGFIX] Javascript file CreateCookie.js is using depre... 94/18294/2
2013-01-22 Henjo Hoeksma[FEATURE] Javascript is optional 57/17657/2
2013-01-22 Henjo Hoeksma[BUGFIX] IP's are only logged when user accepts a cookie 58/17658/2
2013-01-21 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Add configuration checking 44/17644/2
2013-01-21 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Added dutch localization 34/17634/3
2013-01-21 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Removal of groupCookies 31/17631/3
2012-12-06 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Added some LL fields 14/17014/1
2012-12-06 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Cleanup, addition of description property
2012-12-06 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Added defaultPid
2012-12-06 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Removed IPAddressController
2012-12-06 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Direct output using ajax after initial setting
2012-12-04 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Add IP Logging
2012-12-03 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Refactoring CookieUtiliy to CookieService
2012-12-03 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Fixed a typo due to generation of model
2012-12-03 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Expire date set to lifetime of cookie
2012-12-03 Henjo Hoeksma[FEATURE] Reading of client side cookies
2012-11-29 Henjo Hoeksma[FEATURE] Setup cookie handling + basic allow / reject...
2012-11-25 Henjo Hoeksma[TASK] Initial commit