2003-10-17 René Fritzchanges to own classes mainly (first commit - hope...
2003-10-17 René FritzAdded Tab Menu and the possiblity to use head and JS...
2003-10-17 René Fritztest
2003-10-17 Robert LemkeBUGFIX:
2003-10-17 Robert LemkeAdded HTTP header support for charset encoding (relates...
2003-10-08 Kasper Skårhøj*** empty log message ***
2003-10-08 Kasper Skårhøjsmall changes
2003-10-03 Kasper SkårhøjREmoved a few Thumb.db files
2003-10-03 Kasper SkårhøjInitial revision
2003-10-03 Andreas OttoNew repository initialized by cvs2svn.