[BUGFIX] Check correctly if showitem key exists in TcaMigration
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / .editorconfig
2015-11-26 Markus Klein[TASK] Add more info to .editorconfig 57/44957/2
2015-10-08 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Adapt .editorconfig for PSR-2 compliance 14/43914/2
2015-04-06 Frank Nägler[TASK] Add JSON and ReST definition to .editorconfig... 93/38493/3
2014-11-24 Frank Nägler[TASK] Update .editorconfig file 21/34521/2
2014-11-16 Frank Nägler[TASK] Add css and less files to .editorconfig 36/34236/2
2014-09-16 Frank Nägler[TASK] Introduce .editorconfig file 94/32794/3