[BUGFIX] Image viewhelper clears $GLOBALS['TSFE'] in backend context
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2011-10-21 Sebastian Kurfuerst[TASK] Update release notes and version numbers to...
2011-08-02 Sebastian KurfuerstFixed ChangeLog
2011-08-02 Sebastian KurfuerstUpdated ChangeLog, raised version number to 1.4.0beta1
2011-01-26 Sebastian Kurfürst* Raising Version number to 1.3.0
2011-01-21 Sebastian Kurfürst* Updated ChangeLog and ext_emconf.php for 1.3.0RC1
2011-01-12 Sebastian Kurfürst* Updating ChangeLog for 1.3.0beta4.
2010-12-01 Sebastian Kurfürst* Updated ChangeLog
2010-11-17 Bastian Waidelich* Updated version to 1.3.0beta1a
2010-11-16 Sebastian Kurfürst* Updated ChangeLog
2010-09-22 Sebastian Kurfürst* Raised version number to 1.3.0alpha2 and updated...
2010-08-24 Sebastian Kurfürst* Added ChangeLog