[FEATURE] Add support for native date/time fields
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / t3lib / file /
2012-08-14 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Abstract t3lib_file_exception_abstractFileOperat...
2012-08-14 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Merge t3lib_userAuthGroup to t3lib_beUserAuth
2012-08-07 Georg Ringer[TASK] Fix more typos in the core
2012-07-20 Christian Kuhn[BUGFIX][FAL] isValidFilename() fails with broken PCRE
2012-07-18 Benjamin Mack[BUG] FAL AdapterService fails with Fluid
2012-07-10 Benjamin Mack[FEATURE] Add signal to process public URL of file
2012-07-08 Benjamin Mack[CLEANUP] Make TCEforms sys_file header area localizable
2012-07-03 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Fix CGL violations against ClassDocComment
2012-07-02 Christian Kuhn[BUGFIX] FAL spams syslog
2012-07-02 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Fix CGL violations against CharacterAfterPHPClos...
2012-07-01 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Fix CGL violations against SuperfluousWhitespace
2012-06-23 Andy Grunwald[TASK] Remove empty method from t3lib_file_Repository_F...
2012-06-21 Benjamin Mack[BUG] FAL: Signals for IndexerService are named wrong
2012-06-16 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Exception on modifying page properties
2012-06-13 Roland Waldner[TASK] CGL FunctionCallArgumentSpacingNoSpaceAfterComma...
2012-06-11 Roland Waldner[TASK] Harmonize coding style of if constructs in ...
2012-06-10 Wouter Wolters[TASK] CGL violations DoubleQuoteUsage in t3lib/
2012-06-09 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Missing typehint in abstract FAL driver
2012-05-30 Ingmar Schlecht[FEATURE] Limit file extensions in FAL element browser
2012-05-30 Roland Waldner[BUGFIX] CGL violations DoubleQuoteUsageContainsVar
2012-05-27 Oliver Klee[TASK] Remove commented-out code
2012-05-08 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] use fileInfo functions instead of mime_content...
2012-05-06 Andreas Wolf[!!!][FEATURE] Filename filters: pass additional inform...
2012-05-06 Stefano Kowalke[TASK] Replace Space Indent into Tab indent (CGL Cleanup)
2012-05-05 Susanne Moog[TASK] Clean up and fix unit tests for FAL
2012-04-29 Tolleiv Nietsch[BUGFIX] Remove XCLASS inclusion blocks from t3lib
2012-04-19 TYPO3 FAL Team[FEATURE] Enhance File Abstraction Layer API
2012-04-17 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Wrong or missing XCLASS definitions
2012-04-12 Oliver Klee[BUGFIX] Fix the unit tests to work with PHPUnit 3.6
2012-04-12 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Signal-Slot Disposal fails in File Abstraction...
2012-03-05 Georg Ringer[TASK] CGL of FAL
2012-03-02 TYPO3 FAL Team[FEATURE] Integrate File Abstraction Layer API