[BUGFIX] Remove double encoding of fieldset in extension "felogin"
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / felogin / Classes / Controller / FrontendLoginController.php
2015-11-20 Martin Kutschker[BUGFIX] Remove double encoding of fieldset in extensio... 29/44829/4
2015-10-08 TYPO3 Release Team[TASK] Make TYPO3 Core PSR-2 standard compliant 18/43918/3
2015-09-17 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Cleanup EXT:felogin directory structure 99/43399/4
2015-09-15 Mathias Brodala[CLEANUP] Properly name "typoLink" and "typoLink_URL" 44/43344/2
2015-08-07 Gerrit Mohrmann[FEATURE] Provide untouched newPassword in felogin... 76/42276/5
2015-08-06 Wouter Wolters[BUGFIX] felogin: Fix explanation of absRefPrefix in... 25/42325/3
2015-07-20 Stano Paška[BUGFIX] felogin: Invalid action url in changePassword... 21/22721/5
2015-07-15 Markus Klein[TASK] Remove @author lines 64/41264/7
2015-07-14 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Move DB functionality pages.storage_pid to compa... 12/37912/7
2015-07-03 Andreas Fernandez[CLEANUP] Replace count with empty in multiple extensions 85/40685/4
2015-05-29 Daniel Goerz[BUGFIX] FeLogin: FlexForm is misleading 71/39671/5
2015-05-18 Markus Klein[BUGFIX] felogin: Use correct regex in redirect evaluation 00/39600/4
2015-02-06 Frederic Gaus[CLEANUP] Cleanup of classes extending AbstractPlugin 27/36627/8
2015-01-31 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] Felogin: Ignore scheme in isInCurrentDomain 70/17170/10
2014-12-13 Roland Waldner[CLEANUP] Use comments not PHPDoc style comments in... 03/35103/5
2014-11-09 Patrick Kroog[TASK] Remove "no RDCT"-workaround in fe_users Forgot... 58/23658/5
2014-11-03 Frederic Gaus[CLEANUP] Correct phpDoc of FrontendLoginController... 36/33736/3
2014-11-02 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Use "int" or "bool" in @var notation 32/33632/4
2014-10-28 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Cleanup phpDoc to match CGL 77/33577/8
2014-10-25 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Use "int" in @param notation 22/33522/4
2014-10-25 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Use "bool" in @param notation 23/33523/2
2014-10-13 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Remove the "@todo define visibility" in various... 74/33274/3
2014-07-25 Benjamin Mack[BUGFIX] felogin plugin still uses old class name in... 90/31290/6
2014-07-06 Markus Klein[BUGFIX] Felogin improperly merges flexforms and TS... 81/31081/4
2014-06-22 Michael Schams[TASK] Re-work/simplify copyright header in PHP files... 26/31026/2
2014-06-20 Tomita Militaru[BUGFIX] Check for logged in user before showing cookie... 23/30723/5
2014-02-25 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] felogin reset password links not clickable 76/17176/6
2014-02-06 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Only set FE user cookie if session data or user... 30/27230/8
2014-02-03 Michiel Roos[TASK] Use $x[n] instead of substr($x, n, 1) 36/27136/8
2014-02-01 Jo Hasenau[TASK] Use (int) instead of intval() or (integer) 40/26740/23
2014-01-30 Stefan Neufeind[TASK] Use short version ?: in ternary operator (PHP... 07/19007/10
2013-12-18 Wouter Wolters[BUGFIX] felogin: Unknown modifier in regular expression 81/23881/6
2013-10-01 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Remove closing PHP tags 12/24212/3
2013-09-20 Nicolas Forgeot[FEATURE] Show forgot password only if conf showForgotP... 41/22541/4
2013-07-27 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Use real boolean value for pi_getLL third param 93/22593/2
2013-07-10 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Move language include to .xlf 67/22167/3
2013-06-01 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] changing FE user password updates tstamp 86/21186/2
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule version into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule workspaces into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule linkvalidator into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule fluid into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule extbase into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule dbal into core
2013-04-30 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] Don't preserve piVars in felogin links 02/20002/2
2013-04-06 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Cleanup FrontendLoginController 49/19549/5
2013-03-19 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Update copyright year to 2013 84/18984/4
2013-02-04 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Cleanup felogin 95/17995/2
2012-11-16 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Remove @package and @subpackage annotations
2012-11-15 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] EXT:felogin: Multiple bugs with preserveGETvars
2012-09-18 Arvid Jakobsson[TASK] Remove superfluous parenthesis in sysexts
2012-08-25 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Namespace: Revert extension split-up: felogin