[TASK] Exclude TypeScript sources in exports
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / extensionmanager / Classes / Domain /
2018-06-28 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Drop usages of PATH_typo3, PATH_typo3conf 42/57242/11
2018-06-22 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Remove NULL initialization and redundant assignments 43/57243/2
2018-06-01 Susanne Moog[BUGFIX] Fix extension data import on sqlite 03/57103/7
2018-03-01 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Use null comparison instead of is_null 50/55950/3
2017-12-08 Markus Hoelzle[!!!][FEATURE] Move extension configuration to install... 34/54034/34
2017-11-27 Alexander Schnitzler[CLEANUP] The correct case must be used for standard... 70/54770/4
2017-11-20 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Fix sorting extensions in "Get Extensions... 99/54699/3
2017-09-09 Markus Hoelzle[!!!][TASK] Remove old typoscript constants "TSConstant... 48/54048/6
2017-09-08 Benni Mack[!!!][TASK] Remove option to allow uploading system... 08/54008/3
2017-09-07 Susanne Moog[FEATURE] Store extension configuration as plain array 57/53657/8
2017-06-20 Christian Kuhn[BUGFIX] Select suitable distribution version in em 62/53262/4
2017-03-28 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Streamline return tags in phpdocs 86/51686/12
2017-02-17 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Fix common misspellings 34/51734/4
2017-02-06 Benjamin Kott[!!!][FEATURE] Streamline Fluid Styled Content and... 65/51065/87
2016-12-12 Ulrik Høyer Kold[BUGFIX] Order extensions by integerVersion instead... 00/50900/5
2016-11-13 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Resolves extension dependencies recursively 02/50602/7
2016-10-26 Anja Leichsenring[FOLLOWUP][TASK] Refactor queryBuilder usage 91/50391/2
2016-10-26 Manuel Selbach[TASK] Refactor use of queryBuilder to use prepared... 90/50090/17
2016-10-10 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Cleanup and deprecate TYPO3_DB occurrences 24/49824/8
2016-10-10 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Improve duplicate exception code check 50/50150/20
2016-08-30 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Add more fixers for php-cs-fixer 65/49665/4
2016-08-30 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Migrate to short array syntax 51/49651/4
2016-06-09 Artus Kolanowski[TASK] Doctrine: migrate ext:extensionmanager 90/48490/6
2016-02-26 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Remove @since annotations 23/46923/2
2016-02-23 Wouter Wolters[BUGFIX] Set correct variable type in Extension model 48/46848/3
2016-01-26 Nicole Cordes[TASK] Switch mirror links to https 38/46238/2
2015-10-08 TYPO3 Release Team[TASK] Make TYPO3 Core PSR-2 standard compliant 18/43918/3
2015-10-05 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Prevent current extension version in update... 91/43691/2
2015-08-06 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Replace @inject with inject methods in other... 10/42310/3
2015-07-18 Sebastian Michaelsen[TASK] Use "an" instead of "a" where appropriate 51/41651/3
2015-07-15 Markus Klein[TASK] Remove @author lines 64/41264/7
2015-06-29 Andreas Fernandez[CLEANUP] Replace count with empty in EXT:extensionmanager 89/40689/2
2015-05-05 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Streamline queue objects on dependency check 76/39276/2
2015-05-03 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Improve dependency check in extension manager 09/39209/6
2015-03-23 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Prevent current extension version in update... 11/38011/2
2015-03-15 Stephan Großberndt[BUGFIX] Avoid fatal for unserializable extension confi... 61/37761/2
2014-12-16 Roland Waldner[CLEANUP] Add missing empty lines before classes' closi... 27/35527/2
2014-12-13 Roland Waldner[CLEANUP] Add missing empty lines after copyright comme... 90/35390/6
2014-12-13 Roland Waldner[CLEANUP] Use comments not PHPDoc style comments in... 03/35103/5
2014-12-05 Stefan Neufeind[TASK] Use name-resolution instead of strings where... 60/34860/3
2014-11-26 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Introduce chunking for large expression lists 58/34558/9
2014-11-21 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Use fully qualified name resolution in PHP 5.5 14/34414/6
2014-11-02 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Use "int" or "bool" in @var notation 32/33632/4
2014-10-28 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Cleanup phpDoc to match CGL 77/33577/8
2014-10-27 Frank Nägler[TASK] Use "int" in @param notation 33/33533/3
2014-10-25 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Use "int" in @param notation 22/33522/4
2014-10-25 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Use "bool" in @param notation 23/33523/2
2014-09-16 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Change relevance sorting in EM 93/32393/5
2014-08-20 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Change fetch of maximum version using LEFT JOIN 62/32062/10
2014-08-13 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Updating "current_version" fails with some... 65/32065/4
2014-07-05 Markus Klein[BUGFIX] Correctly check stack in DownloadQueue 14/31214/6
2014-06-22 Michael Schams[TASK] Re-work/simplify copyright header in PHP files... 30/31030/3
2014-06-19 Felix Kopp[TASK] Extension manager: default sorting for Extensions 35/30735/4
2014-06-17 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Undefined method in extension manager 77/30777/2
2014-04-30 Markus Klein[CLEANUP] Extension Manager code 31/29431/8
2014-03-23 Francois Suter[BUGFIX] Option labels not translated anymore 57/28657/2
2014-03-22 Benjamin Mack[TASK] EM: Split Distributions in official and communit... 40/28640/4
2014-03-15 Christian Kuhn[BUGFIX] Tests: Release em tests from extbase base... 27/28427/3
2014-02-27 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Speed up updating the extension list 76/27876/4
2014-02-11 Jost Baron[TASK] Improve EM performance when getting extension... 96/27496/6
2014-02-10 Georg Ringer[TASK] Fix typos all over the core 23/27523/2
2014-02-09 Przemysław Krukowski[BUGFIX] Duplicate exception code 62/27462/3
2014-02-01 Jo Hasenau[TASK] Use (int) instead of intval() or (integer) 40/26740/23
2014-01-30 Stefan Neufeind[TASK] Use short version ?: in ternary operator (PHP... 07/19007/10
2014-01-13 Roland Waldner[TASK] Fix typo in copyright notice 36/26736/2
2014-01-08 Markus Klein[TASK] Improve performance of array_merge_recursive_ove... 86/25986/11
2013-10-01 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Remove closing PHP tags 12/24212/3
2013-09-28 Susanne Moog[FEATURE] Add possibility to use an extension as repository 72/23672/8
2013-09-28 Susanne Moog[BUGFIX] Fix wrong handling of php and TYPO3 dependencies 73/23673/4
2013-08-29 Susanne Moog[FEATURE] Add distribution management to extension... 76/23476/4
2013-07-27 Ingo Pfennigstorf[TASK] Use @inject annotation in extensionmanager 19/22619/3
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule version into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule workspaces into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule linkvalidator into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule fluid into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule extbase into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule dbal into core
2013-04-05 Felix Kopp[TASK] EM: extension info within "Get Extensions" 07/19607/3
2013-03-23 Jost Baron[BUGFIX][EM] Fix of last update time after update 02/19202/2
2013-03-19 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Update copyright year to 2013 84/18984/4
2013-03-15 Christian Kuhn[BUGFIX] Importing extensions from repository fails 05/18805/8
2013-02-10 Marc Bastian Heinrichs[TASK] Replace ObjectManager create with get 74/18174/3
2013-01-28 Christian Kuhn[TASK] EM: Refactor Configuration handling 31/17731/3
2013-01-23 Francois Suter[BUGFIX] Missing subcategories labels in EM 60/17660/4
2012-11-29 Helmut Hummel[BUGFIX] EM does not update extension list
2012-11-26 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Extension Manager doesn't care about configura...
2012-11-16 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Remove @package and @subpackage annotations
2012-11-14 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Re-implement extension status for reports module
2012-11-10 Tilo Baller[BUGFIX] Add "suggests" as valid dependency type
2012-11-01 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] EM 6.0 parse configuration type 'options'...
2012-10-31 Alexander Schnitzler[BUGFIX] Replace generic ObjectStorage in the whole...
2012-10-22 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] EM 6.0 doesn't store extension state from TER
2012-10-22 Helmut Hummel[BUGFIX] Fix dependency handling of EM
2012-10-19 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] Hide unsafe extensions in EM TER list
2012-10-18 Helmut Hummel[TASK] Make Core\Configuration\ConfigurationManager...
2012-10-17 Helmut Hummel[BUGFIX] Extension Import not working with postgresql...
2012-10-17 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] Only show download location as configured
2012-10-12 Helmut Hummel[BUGFIX] Add pid column to extension manager tables
2012-09-22 Anja Leichsenring[TASK] add leading backslashes to Date*
2012-09-22 Anja Leichsenring[TASK] add leading backslashes to SplObject*