[TASk] Remove dummy files from ext:saltedpasswords
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / t3skin / stylesheets /
2013-05-01 Felix Kopp[TASK] Clean-up H1-H4 tag hierarchy in backend 73/20373/3
2013-04-29 Felix Kopp[TASK] Increase contrast for improved readability 40/20140/5
2013-03-22 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Remove Flash Uploader Functionality 46/19146/2
2013-03-11 Stefan Neufeind[FEATURE] sys_note: Display/functionality for hover... 11/16911/8
2013-03-07 Felix Kopp[TASK] Flatten row-headers 15/18715/3
2013-02-28 Felix Kopp[TASK] Increase Web>List title column width 63/18463/2
2013-01-25 Georg Ringer[TASK] Add cursor:pointer to inline header 04/17704/2
2013-01-23 Ingo Renner[BUGFIX] IRRE forms not using full width 60/17560/2
2013-01-02 Xavier Perseguers[BUGFIX] Suggest wizard is behind form inputs 67/15767/3
2012-12-31 Torben Hansen[BUGFIX] BE login shows unaesthetic scrollbars 82/17282/2
2012-12-02 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Errorpage background color (t3skin)
2012-12-02 Wouter Wolters[BUGFIX] Wrong category assignment in sys_note
2012-12-01 Ernesto Baschny[TASK] Rename bg-image (login/error) to avoid browser...
2012-11-30 Christian Kuhn[BUGFIX] Page module Drag&Drop broken
2012-11-29 Markus Klein[BUGFIX] Remove BE login scrollbars
2012-11-27 Jigal van Hemert[BUGFIX] Page Module title is cut
2012-11-27 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Fix Page module columns position in CSS
2012-11-27 Felix Kopp[TASK] Rebrush Page > Language
2012-11-26 Ivan Kartolo[TASK] page module styling
2012-11-26 Ivan Kartolo[BUGFIX] Refine new styling of page module
2012-11-26 Helmut HummelRevert "[TASK] Page module styling"
2012-11-26 Helmut Hummel[BUGFIX] Fix font size in login screen
2012-11-26 Nicole Cordes[TASK] Page module styling
2012-11-26 Felix Kopp[TASK] Rebrush login screen
2012-11-26 Steffen Ritter[TASK] CleanUp CSS Styles of IRRE-Elements
2012-11-26 Helmut Hummel[BUGFIX] Refine new styling of page module
2012-11-25 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Repair table header row styles
2012-11-24 Ivan Kartolo[TASK] Styling of Page module
2012-11-20 Oliver Hader[TASK] Fix styling of NULL value fields
2012-11-10 Oliver Hader[FEATURE] Add possibility to store NULL values
2012-11-05 Jigal van Hemert[TASK] Drag&Drop of Content-Elements in Page-Module
2012-10-19 Felix Kopp[TASK] Clean-up EXT: aboutmodules, adapt to "TYPO3...
2012-10-15 Jigal van Hemert[TASK] Extension Manager: Add icons and language labels
2012-10-08 Georg Ringer[TASK] Add docheader to module "about TYPO3"
2012-09-12 Georg Ringer[TASK] Improve margin in field select
2012-09-07 Steffen Gebert[BUGFIX] File upload button is collapsed in Chrome 21
2012-08-19 Soren Malling[FEATURE] UI changes to "Page" module
2012-08-18 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Adopt standard list layout for page records...
2012-08-02 Felix Kopp[FEATURE] Swap doc header rows in all backend modules
2012-07-13 Fabien Udriot[FEATURE] Add categorization into the Core
2012-07-09 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Fix CGL violations against SuperfluousWhitespace
2012-07-08 Benjamin Mack[CLEANUP] Make TCEforms sys_file header area localizable
2012-07-07 Helmut Hummel[BUGFIX] Use lighter sorting icon on dark background
2012-07-07 Steffen Ritter[TASK] Refactor IRRE to meet new UI requirements
2012-07-07 Wouter Wolters[BUGFIX] Sort direction indicator in list module incorrect
2012-07-07 Steffen Ritter[TASK] Improve UI of readOnly in TCEforms
2012-07-06 Steffen Ritter[TASK] Exchange import/export icons in t3skin
2012-06-30 Georg Ringer[FEATURE] Redesign of sys_note
2012-06-15 Susanne Moog[FEATURE] Use mod dispatcher for cshmanual
2012-05-27 Oliver Klee[TASK] Remove commented-out code
2012-05-16 Stefan Galinski[BUGFIX] Missing bottom margin in the page tree
2012-05-10 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Page module content element min-width (CSS)
2012-04-22 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Clean up the raster
2012-04-13 Georg Ringer[FEATURE] Improve rendering of CE in page module
2012-03-07 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Toolbar Separator IE8 and FF3.6
2012-02-14 Steffen Ritter[FEATURE] add option to select recursively in tcaTree
2012-02-12 Felix Kopp[FEATURE] Toolbar Separator
2012-01-28 Felix Kopp[TASK] Improve username information in top toolbar
2012-01-28 Felix Kopp[TASK] Unify backend: header/section
2012-01-13 Oliver HaderRevert "[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate Backend...
2012-01-13 Oliver HaderRevert "[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate PageTree...
2012-01-13 Oliver HaderRevert "[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate TCEforms"
2011-12-19 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Module menu link wrap
2011-12-18 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Checkbox-array space
2011-12-16 Stanislas Rolland[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate TCEforms
2011-12-13 Oliver Hader[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate PageTree and Context...
2011-12-13 Stanislas Rolland[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate Backend Base Components
2011-12-07 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Page module: language table width
2011-10-24 Armin Ruediger Vieweg[BUGFIX] FlexForm field selector missing
2011-10-17 Tomas Norre Mikkelsen[BUGFIX] Layout of "Move Element" screen
2011-10-10 Eric Chavaillaz[BUGFIX] Wrong alignment of French labels for login...
2011-09-18 Tomas Norre Mikkelsen[BUGFIX] Space between Template Analyzer options
2011-09-18 Tomas Norre Mikkelsen[BUGFIX] No margin between search and sys_notes
2011-09-17 Tomas Norre Mikkelsen[BUGFIX] Alignment issue in "View Item" window
2011-09-17 Tomas Norre Mikkelsen[BUGFIX] About modules: Adjust bgcolor of sections
2011-09-15 Steffen Gebert[TASK] Refactor t3lib_message_AbstractMessage
2011-08-20 Susanne Moog[BUGFIX] After merge of #29029 flexform display is...
2011-08-20 Francois Suter[BUGFIX] Some TCEforms elements are displaced
2011-08-20 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Unify table layouts
2011-08-02 Jigal van Hemert[FEATURE] Show localization mode of field in form
2011-07-20 Kay Strobach[FEATURE] Enable closing of ExtJS FlashMessages
2011-07-16 Johannes Feustel[BUGFIX] Styling of security warnings
2011-07-12 Kay Strobach[BUGFIX] Gap between module menu items causes collapse...
2011-07-12 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] TCEforms: Localization value boxes are too...
2011-07-12 Xavier Perseguers[TASK] Remove deprecated methods with deprecation log
2011-07-09 Benjamin Mack[BUGFIX] Localization: Editing in TCEforms shows unstyl...
2011-06-19 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Cache toolbar items have incorrect width
2011-06-12 Andreas Wolf[BUGFIX] Toolbar menus have no hover
2011-06-08 Thomas Juhnke[FEATURE] Streamline element browser in tree, upload...
2011-04-29 Steffen Gebert[TASK] Remove last relics of IE6 backend support
2011-03-31 Steffen Gebert[FEATURE] Link Exception messages to Wiki pages
2011-03-26 Steffen Gebert[BUGFIX] Wrong CSS definition for "submit"
2011-03-25 Xavier Perseguers[TASK] Remove SVN auto properties $Id$
2011-03-22 Stefan Galinski[BUGFIX] Pagetree - Missing icons for expand/collapse...
2011-03-21 Steffen Kamper[BUGFIX] TCEforms palette header is only indented on...
2011-03-11 Soren Malling[FEATURE] Use common classes for toolbar items
2011-03-05 Steffen Ritter[TASK] Remove specials for IE6 from t3skin
2011-02-23 ohaderFixed bug #17719: Move donation popup to about module...
2011-02-23 steffenkFixed bug #17520: Pagetree - Locked records are not...
2011-02-05 Steffen GebertFixed bug #12998: Icons for Word documents missing...