[BUGFIX] Enable overriding header of backend preview again
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / extensionmanager / Resources / Private / Layouts / Main.html
2020-02-22 Benjamin Kott[TASK] Styling cleanups in several modules 62/63362/9
2019-04-23 Benjamin Kott[TASK] Streamline formatting of html templates 22/60522/2
2017-02-28 Benni Mack[TASK] Deprecate jQuery and extJS arguments for BE... 94/51794/6
2016-01-14 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Remove loadmask plugin from Extension Manager 44/45844/4
2016-01-13 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Remove unused JavaScript validator plugin in EM 51/45851/2
2015-11-21 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Remove unused jQuery expander plugin from EM 69/44869/2
2015-11-20 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Reload module menu after extension (un)install... 28/44828/2
2015-11-19 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Reenable JS in Extension Manager 46/44746/5
2015-11-08 Helmut Hummel[TASK] Simplify and unify flash message rendering 92/44592/5
2015-11-02 Frank Nägler[TASK] Streamline output of flashMessages in BE 79/44479/2
2015-10-30 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Use ModuleTemplate in Extension Manager 03/44403/2
2015-10-14 Nicole Cordes[TASK] Enable EM offline mode when using composer 25/44025/4
2015-07-19 Benjamin Mack[!!!][TASK] Kill proto-types and script-kiddies with... 18/41318/8
2015-07-17 Nicole Cordes[FEATURE] Add possibility to disable TER download in EM 28/40428/9
2015-01-10 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] EM: Remove ExtJS 01/35901/9
2015-01-08 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] EM: Remove jQueryUI 99/35899/2
2015-01-05 Benjamin Kott[!!!][CLEANUP] Move t3-table and t3-button to bootstrap 63/35763/11
2015-01-03 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Extension Manager: Port to RequireJS 85/35485/4
2014-11-30 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Rename datatables.js to be version independant 86/34786/2
2014-11-30 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Unify clearable input fields 82/34782/4
2014-11-19 Markus Klein[!!!][CLEANUP] Remove deprecated code in sysext fluid 69/33769/9
2014-11-16 Kai Vogel[TASK] Update DataTables version 15/34215/5
2014-10-23 Felix Kopp[TASK] Rename "Extensions" backend module 81/33381/3
2013-11-08 Stefan Neufeind[TASK] Extensionmanager: Update jQuery-usage 28/15828/20
2013-10-15 Xavier Perseguers[TASK] Centralize jQuery libraries 33/24233/3
2013-08-29 Susanne Moog[FEATURE] Add distribution management to extension... 76/23476/4
2013-07-06 Francois Suter[FEATURE] Improve BE container view helper 63/22063/2
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule version into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule workspaces into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule linkvalidator into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule fluid into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule extbase into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule dbal into core
2013-04-06 Anja Leichsenring[TASK] Remove array items to perform string comparison 91/19691/4
2013-04-06 Jost Baron[TASK] Move code for clearing text fields to jquery... 05/19505/3
2013-04-05 Felix Kopp[TASK] EM: Remove contentWrap container 14/19614/3
2013-04-05 Felix Kopp[TASK] EM: Modules deserve headlines 80/19580/2
2013-04-05 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Move EM tabs to function menu 63/19563/4
2013-04-05 Felix Kopp[BUGFIX] Extension manager styling 44/18544/4
2012-11-02 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Enable extenisions with BE modules don't refre...
2012-10-28 Felix Kopp[TASK] Extension manager fixed DocHeader
2012-10-20 Helmut Hummel[TASK] Cleanup EM Code
2012-10-17 Felix Kopp[TASK] Streamline EXT: em spacing & add Headline
2012-10-15 Jigal van Hemert[TASK] Extension Manager: Add icons and language labels
2012-10-10 Kai Vogel[BUGFIX] Split jQuery and DataTables into separate...
2012-08-23 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Move and Namespace classes
2012-08-17 Hans Christian Reinl[FEATURE] Add styling to extension manager
2012-08-17 Susanne Moog[FEATURE] Add new extension manager to the core