[BUGFIX] Cast $siteUrl to string
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / backend / Resources /
6 hours ago Helmut Hummel[TASK] Use Composer runtime platform check instead...
12 hours ago Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Fix page layout grid columns
4 days ago Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Do not encode password reset link in plain...
5 days ago Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Fix inactive languages in LanguagePack
5 days ago Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Ensure folder tree highlights initially select...
5 days ago Georg Ringer[BUGFIX] Add missing title tag for edit icon in page...
5 days ago Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Fix several issues regarding Recordlist search
6 days ago Oliver Bartsch[SECURITY] Mitigate XSS related to column names
13 days ago Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Show folder path to file when editing sys_file...
13 days ago Jochen Roth[TASK] Streamline clipboard UI
2021-07-12 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Show SVG actions in Element Browser trees
2021-07-12 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Re-align IRRE header fields for FAL elements
2021-07-12 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Apply correct classes in content element wizar...
2021-07-11 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Add placeholder for title field in create multip...
2021-07-09 Benni Mack[TASK] Streamline File List and Clipboard Selection...
2021-07-09 Nikita Hovratov[BUGFIX] Do not validate selectTree in SelectTreeElement.ts
2021-07-09 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Avoid crash due to endless loop in Fluid-based...
2021-07-09 Oliver Hader[TASK] Remove window.open inline JavaScript in backend
2021-07-08 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Allow proper back-linking in File List
2021-07-06 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Set position for alert container to fixed
2021-07-05 Oliver Bartsch[FEATURE] Improve show columns selection functionality
2021-07-05 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Update bootstrap to 5.0.2 and @types/bootstrap...
2021-07-01 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Fix typos in language labels
2021-07-01 Benni Mack[TASK] Move "create new" button to action list of records
2021-07-01 Benni Mack[FEATURE] Improved Multi-selection of Files
2021-06-29 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Extract switch user handling from EXT:beuser
2021-06-29 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Avoid usages of sys_language in site configuration
2021-06-29 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Undefined array key in install tool
2021-06-27 Simon Gilli[FEATURE] Introduce palette descriptions
2021-06-21 Benni Mack[FEATURE] Use dropdown for secondary action items
2021-06-14 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Use correct slide direction in MultiStepWizard
2021-06-11 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Replace all-embracing form in recordlist
2021-06-10 Torben Hansen[TASK] Remove possibility to use ext:rsaauth
2021-06-08 Oliver Bartsch[FEATURE] Simplify sharing of backend urls
2021-06-07 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Make translation mode buttons translatable
2021-06-01 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Remove duplicated caret and re-add padding
2021-06-01 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Avoid reloading backend login form for checkin...
2021-06-01 Benni Mack[FEATURE] Customize selectable columns in List module...
2021-06-01 Jochen Roth[TASK] Use CodeMirror for backend layout code preview
2021-05-31 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Fix change=reload for group fields
2021-05-31 Thomas Löffler[TASK] Show image of distribution even if not installed
2021-05-30 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Update modal instances stack when hiding a...
2021-05-28 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Deprecate f:be.container ViewHelper
2021-05-28 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Remove unused helper_javascript_css.html templat...
2021-05-28 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Remove unused blank.html template file
2021-05-27 Jochen Roth[TASK] Extend click area for toolbar links
2021-05-27 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Do not reset validation state when validating...
2021-05-27 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Re-calculate z-index of modal and its backdrop
2021-05-26 Richard Haeser[TASK] Set proper title of window in backend
2021-05-25 Georg Ringer[TASK] Update url to license information
2021-05-25 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Unset accent background color for tables
2021-05-19 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Restore FormEngine field label and description...
2021-05-19 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] Streamline spinner web component size and animation
2021-05-17 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Fix Drag+Drop in Page Module in Workspaces
2021-05-17 Thomas Löffler[BUGFIX] Fix description list in distribution detail...
2021-05-14 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Update Bootstrap to 5.0.1
2021-05-14 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Respect icon size defined by tree
2021-05-13 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Migrate SiteInlineActions to TypeScript
2021-05-13 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Implement ValuePicker as custom web component
2021-05-11 Nikita Hovratov[BUGFIX] Fix InputLinkElement to be visible again
2021-05-11 Daniel Dorndorf[BUGFIX] Allow to disable allowed aspect ratios
2021-05-11 Daniel Windloff[BUGFIX] ElementInformationController: Always show...
2021-05-07 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] Update to Twitter Bootstrap 5.0.0
2021-05-06 Oliver Hader[TASK] Remove goToModule() inline JavaScript invocations
2021-05-05 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Slim down TBE_EDITOR
2021-05-04 Nikita Hovratov[TASK] Remove duplicate css for the btn class
2021-05-04 Nikita Hovratov[TASK] Center text in infobox vertically
2021-05-04 Nikita Hovratov[BUGFIX] Use grid-gutter-width variable for margin
2021-05-04 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Unify backend filter styling
2021-05-03 Nikita Hovratov[BUGFIX] Fix MultiStepWizard functionality
2021-05-03 Georg Ringer[TASK] Use correct html element for actions in RecordList
2021-05-02 Nikita Hovratov[BUGFIX] Fix csh popover position
2021-05-01 Benjamin Franzke[BUGFIX] Prevent currentSubScript re-assignment for...
2021-05-01 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Streamline CSS after Bootstrap 5 update
2021-05-01 Jochen Roth[TASK] Introduce composer manifest checks
2021-04-30 Benjamin Franzke[FEATURE] Introduce backend module web component router
2021-04-28 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Properly trigger `change` event in LinkBrowser
2021-04-27 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Get rid of TBE_EDITOR.fieldChanged
2021-04-23 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] Update to Lit v2-rc1
2021-04-23 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Hide tooltip after scrolling
2021-04-23 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Re-add highlighting of filter term in Svg...
2021-04-22 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Make context menu icon in SVG tree better...
2021-04-20 Benni Mack[TASK] Limit GET/POST requests of PersistentStorage
2021-04-20 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Set background of td/th in ".table-transparent...
2021-04-20 Benni Mack[TASK] Remove legacy tree implementations
2021-04-20 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Optimize drag&drop of folders in the UI
2021-04-19 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Move reset password logic into a separate class
2021-04-16 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Reload page module after deleting content
2021-04-16 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Improve multi-factor authentication view
2021-04-16 Benni Mack[FEATURE] Use SVG Trees in Record Selector
2021-04-13 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Replace FormEngine update request invocation
2021-04-13 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Unify authentication form styles
2021-04-12 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] Streamline moduleName handling
2021-04-09 Benni Mack[TASK] Re-style record list search box
2021-04-09 Benni Mack[TASK] Unify SVG toolbar generation
2021-04-08 Benni Mack[TASK] Centralize LinkBrowser / ElementBrowser HTML
2021-04-08 Benni Mack[FEATURE] Resizable navigation for all element / record...
2021-04-07 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] Migrate backend live search to use lit-html...
2021-04-07 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Send change event to proper slug input field
2021-04-05 Benni Mack[TASK] Optimize search box for record lists