[TASK] Change indent for .rst in .editorconfig
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4 hours ago Oliver Hader[TASK] Expose raw definition of backend layout model
9 hours ago Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Improve loading of related records in Backend UI
14 hours ago Benni Mack[TASK] Doctrine DBAL: Use fetchAssociative() instead...
41 hours ago Benni Mack[TASK] Migrate Doctrine DBAL fetchAll() to fetchAllAsso...
2 days ago Benni Mack[TASK] Clean up Move Element Controller
3 days ago Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Fix page layout grid columns
4 days ago Georg Ringer[BUGFIX] Use correct maximum width/height for media...
7 days ago Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Respect TCA type language in getProcessedValue
7 days ago Benni Mack[TASK] Replace fetchColumn with fetchOne for Doctrine...
9 days ago Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Check whether tt_content parent page is accessible
9 days ago Oliver Bartsch[SECURITY] Mitigate XSS related to column names
10 days ago Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Prevent TypeError in TableController
10 days ago Benni Mack[TASK] Reduce invalid arguments mentioned by PHPStan
13 days ago Oliver Bartsch[FEATURE] Allow overriding fileFolder config with TSconfig
2021-07-15 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Fix undefined array key warnings for PHP8
2021-07-13 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Show folder path to file when editing sys_file...
2021-07-13 Jochen Roth[TASK] Streamline clipboard UI
2021-07-12 Jochen Roth[TASK] Make filelist PHP8 compatible
2021-07-12 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Properly check shortcut permissions in Shortcu...
2021-07-12 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Remove FileDragProvider
2021-07-12 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Enable ContextMenu for file mounts and file...
2021-07-12 Nikita Hovratov[BUGFIX] Fix missing closing divs in SelectSingleBoxElement
2021-07-12 Nikita Hovratov[TASK] Remove unused variables throughout core
2021-07-09 Oliver Hader[TASK] Remove window.open inline JavaScript in backend
2021-07-09 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Avoid access of global request in view helpers
2021-07-07 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Re-add language switcher for sys_file_metadata...
2021-07-06 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Do not inject ImageService in ImageViewHelper
2021-07-06 Torben Hansen[FEATURE] Introduce rate limiter for failed logins
2021-07-06 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Add fallback values for array keys in FormEngine
2021-07-01 Larry Garfield[TASK] Add a channel column to sys_log
2021-06-30 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Remove unused imports
2021-06-30 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Undefined key warning in table wizard for...
2021-06-30 Nikita Hovratov[TASK] Remove all code occurrences from showRemovedLoca...
2021-06-29 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Extract switch user handling from EXT:beuser
2021-06-29 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Avoid usages of sys_language in site configuration
2021-06-28 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] Mark LanguageService container entry as deprecated
2021-06-27 Simon Gilli[FEATURE] Introduce palette descriptions
2021-06-25 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Fix PHP 8 related warnings in recordlist
2021-06-24 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Undefined array key in ElementInformation
2021-06-24 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Fix TypeError on fetching the backend layout...
2021-06-21 Jochen Roth[BUGFIX] Fix Undefined array key error in PHP8 for...
2021-06-16 Jochen Roth[TASK] Fix various PHP8 issues
2021-06-16 Larry Garfield[BUGFIX] Make logger usage PSR-3 compliant
2021-06-14 Christian Kuhn[FEATURE] PHP 8.0 support
2021-06-14 Christian Kuhn[BUGFIX] Remaining PHP 8.0 fixes for acceptance tests
2021-06-14 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Fix typing issues in various backend controllers
2021-06-12 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Drop two unused variables and a surplus argument
2021-06-10 Torben Hansen[TASK] Remove possibility to use ext:rsaauth
2021-06-10 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Keep preview info on forwarding in EditDocumen...
2021-06-10 Larry Garfield[BUGFIX] Fix still more undefined variables
2021-06-09 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Check if shortcuts' target table still exists
2021-06-09 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Document behaviour of inline parent info in...
2021-06-09 Simon Gilli[FEATURE] Show Layouts in Info Module
2021-06-09 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Fix typed property access in ModuleTemplate
2021-06-08 Oliver Bartsch[FEATURE] Simplify sharing of backend urls
2021-06-08 Oliver Bartsch[FEATURE] Add getModuleTemplate to PageLayoutController
2021-06-03 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Deprecate GeneralUtility::compileSelectedGetVars...
2021-06-02 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Remove outdated comments in ShortcutButtonViewHelper
2021-06-01 Daniel Goerz[TASK] Enable TypesAssignedToPropertiesRule in phpstan
2021-06-01 André Buchmann[BUGFIX] Let site configuration recognize configured...
2021-06-01 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Avoid reloading backend login form for checkin...
2021-06-01 Jochen Roth[TASK] Use CodeMirror for backend layout code preview
2021-05-31 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Fix change=reload for group fields
2021-05-31 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Change password reset functionality
2021-05-30 Torben Hansen[TASK] Streamline method name for doc header button...
2021-05-28 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Prevent disabling and deleting of current...
2021-05-27 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Deprecate ext:backend ModuleLayout view helpers
2021-05-27 Oliver Bartsch[FEATURE] Add field information for pages backend layout
2021-05-27 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Move BackendLayoutWizardElement into correct...
2021-05-27 Larry Garfield[TASK] Resolve still more PHP 8 issues
2021-05-27 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Fix success message of password reset command
2021-05-26 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Fix data attribute for modal content
2021-05-26 Benni Mack[TASK] Deprecate "relativeToCurrentScript" in FAL API
2021-05-26 Richard Haeser[TASK] Set proper title of window in backend
2021-05-25 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Only show contextual language information...
2021-05-20 Oliver Hader[TASK] Deprecate BackendUtility::viewOnClick
2021-05-20 Larry Garfield[TASK] Resolve more PHP 8 acceptance tests
2021-05-20 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Remove legacy foreign_selector conversion
2021-05-20 Benni Mack[BUGFIX] Use native "recordTitle" for FormEngine title
2021-05-19 Daniel Goerz[BUGFIX] Fix phpstan errors from TypesAssignedToPropert...
2021-05-19 Daniel Siepmann[BUGFIX] Do not break list module due to TypeError
2021-05-14 Larry Garfield[BUGFIX] Resolve PHP 8 issues in acceptance tests
2021-05-13 Andreas Fernandez[TASK] Implement ValuePicker as custom web component
2021-05-12 Benni Mack[TASK] Only persist on POST requests in EditDocumentCon...
2021-05-11 Nikita Hovratov[BUGFIX] Fix InputLinkElement to be visible again
2021-05-11 Daniel Dorndorf[BUGFIX] Allow to disable allowed aspect ratios
2021-05-11 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Only return translation count message for...
2021-05-11 Benjamin Franzke[TASK] Streamline backend UriBuilder dependency injection
2021-05-11 Daniel Windloff[BUGFIX] ElementInformationController: Always show...
2021-05-11 Andreas Fernandez[BUGFIX] Call `TBE_EDITOR.fieldChanged()` again
2021-05-11 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Avoid ObjectManager->get() in EXT:backend
2021-05-10 Alexander Schnitzler[TASK] Activate AppendedArrayItemTypeRule phpstan rule
2021-05-07 Larry Garfield[TASK] Remove usages of call_user_func() and call_user_...
2021-05-06 Christian Kuhn[BUGFIX] FormEngine: Support description in BackendLayo...
2021-05-06 Oliver Hader[TASK] Remove goToModule() inline JavaScript invocations
2021-05-04 Benjamin Franzke[BUGFIX] Avoid overwriting goToModule in top frame
2021-05-04 Oliver Bartsch[TASK] Unify backend filter styling
2021-05-03 Oliver Bartsch[BUGFIX] Handle workspace overlays in AbstractItemProvider
2021-05-01 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Remove unused properties from EditDocumentController
2021-04-30 Benjamin Franzke[FEATURE] Introduce backend module web component router