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2009-03-13 Jochen RauEXTMVC:
2009-03-05 Jochen RauEXTMVC
2009-03-05 Jochen RauEXTMVC
2009-02-27 Jochen Rau* moved all validation code to the Argument
2009-02-27 Jochen Rau* arguments mapping and validation works now (needs...
2009-02-25 Jochen Rau* first steps towards $_GET and $_POST argument validat...
2009-02-20 Jochen Rau* added a findOne() method to the Repository
2009-02-19 Jochen Rau* added first sketch of an auto loader (will become...
2009-02-17 Jochen Rau* renamed TcaMapper to ObjectRelationalMapper
2009-02-10 Jochen Rau* added some fixtures for the unit tests
2009-02-04 Jochen Rau* implemented support for additional header data
2009-02-04 Jochen Rau* implemented Exception_StopAction caught in the Dispatcher
2009-02-02 Jochen Rau* introduced a tca mapper
2009-01-30 Jochen Rau* implemented support for m:n relations
2009-01-29 Jochen Rau* renamed EntityObject to Entity
2009-01-28 Jochen Rau* first step towards magic findByPropertyXYZ() methods...
2009-01-27 Jochen Rau* implemented session as singleton (no setSession(...
2009-01-27 Jochen Rau* enabled $session->commit()
2009-01-23 Jochen Rau* prepared the Persistence Repository
2009-01-21 Jochen Rau* adapted the views
2009-01-21 Jochen Rau* adapted the request and response objects