[!!!][FEATURE] Streamline Fluid Styled Content and CSS Styled Content
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / fluid_styled_content / ext_localconf.php
2017-02-06 Benjamin Kott[!!!][FEATURE] Streamline Fluid Styled Content and... 65/51065/87
2016-07-27 Benni Mack[TASK] Streamline ext_tables/ext_localconf of system... 04/48004/5
2016-05-27 Christian Kuhn[TASK] unserialize() without objects for extConf 14/48314/4
2015-11-19 Markus Klein[TASK] CSC: Do not show pageTS template if it's include... 62/44762/6
2015-10-31 Markus Klein[TASK] FSC: Do not show pageTS template if it's include... 00/44400/3
2015-10-08 TYPO3 Release Team[TASK] Make TYPO3 Core PSR-2 standard compliant 18/43918/3
2015-09-29 Sascha Egerer[TASK] Load Page TSconfig of fluid_styled_content per... 16/43616/6
2015-09-17 Patrick Broens[FEATURE] Content elements based on Fluid 58/38258/79